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14 Jan 2020

AirGO highlights the importance of quality, sustainability and long-term partnerships

Having more than two hundred operators running their business with Leon, we have the privilege of working with aviation companies of various scale and business model, diversified scope and structure of their organization. With such diversity, it is even more impressive to see how successful they can be. Such is the case of German private airline, AirGO.

Leon & AIRGO

Being well-known for their unique Mono Fleet model of most fuel-efficient aircraft in their class, AirGO operates the largest Piaggio Avanti aircraft fleet in Europe, to be joined by a second mono fleet in the form of the economic Embraer Praetor 600. Our partnership with AirGO began in 2015 and quickly has turned into a fruitful collaboration for both parties. Process automations available in Leon has given AirGO a lot of flexibility when it comes to their operations, while Leon team has also benefited greatly from the amount of feedback we received regarding the existing and requested functionalities.

With the recent implementation of invoices in Leon, as well as several other Charter Sales-related features, we have felt that the time is right to discuss the last four years with our partners at AirGO, as many of the mentioned improvements have been inspired to some extent by them.

Our interview with AirGO’s CEO, Daniela Flierl, was a great occasion to take a look at the unique approach AirGO is adapting for their clients, but also in regard to their internal procedures. Whilst having a closer look at business and operational processes at AirGO, we were blown away by the amount of genuine commitment, fairness and honesty we have encountered during our talks with the AirGO team.


AirGO is being regarded as a boutique operator. How does it affect your market success?

Daniela Flierl: First of all, “Boutique Style” is a soft skill and describes that we have constant and long-term business partnerships. An approach which makes us less affected by market downdrafts like after the crisis of 2008. We started in 2003 with the mono fleet concept and we still operate our very first Avanti aircraft for the same owner. That’s success – quality not quantity. AirGO is the first choice for aircraft owners sharing values like trust, honesty, humanity, responsibility, dedication but also joie de vivre. AirGO aircraft owners are typically looking for a family like team and a friendly and fair partnership.


You have mentioned the Mono Fleet concept. How does incorporating this unique offer for your clients works for you?

Daniela Flierl: If it comes to the “Mono Fleet”, it’s a hard-skill and all about knowledge, efficiency and sustainability. AirGO aircraft owners are smart people. They look for professionalism and quality without wasting time and money on overloaded work processes. The knowledge is concentrated and specialized on aircraft types. That can help avoid a lot of maintenance cost. Efficiency saves money by optimizing processes and streamlining workflows – again quality not quantity. Sustainability is a precondition for a prospective future, reflected by the choice of fuel-efficient aircrafts and the use of environmentally friendly products wherever possible.


"We love that LEON is constantly developing new features and keeps evolving over the years. Simplifying processes, adding additional functions to comply with new regulations, giving customers more possibilities to directly influence automation and generating new graphical interfaces enhancing the big picture, just to name a few.” 


You are very committed to the aspect of sustainability in the modern aviation. Are there any recent developments at AirGO in that regard?

Daniela Flierl: AirGO is an ambassador of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). We are developing a partnership with a new CO2-offset-scheme which allows our aircraft owners and charter clients to choose exactly how quickly and in relation to the time at which cost they want to contribute to CO2 reduction. We continue to find solutions to ban more and more plastics on board of our aircraft as well as in our offices. It’s a tightrope walk between what passengers are used to and what’s good for our environment. But we strongly believe we have to step back from all these cued individual small packaging just increasing waste. We are continuously searching for ideas of pretty but environmentally friendly packaging or presentation.


The cooperation between AirGO and Leon is already 4 year-long. How many things have changed in Leon over that period of time? Have you encountered any challenges?

Daniela Flierl: The mathematical number is quite difficult to determine, yet the question is simple to answer: A whole lot!
We love that LEON is constantly developing new features and keeps evolving over the years. Simplifying processes, adding additional functions to comply with new regulations, giving customers more possibilities to directly influence automation and generating new graphical interfaces enhancing the big picture, just to name a few. As we all know, every single change presents itself with a new challenge to acquire a different perspective, to implement and adapt. Not easy for human beings, who love their habits and complacency. However, LEON immensely supports this process by setting up easy to understand and easy to use software updates, revising the documentation and even giving personal/individual support. What we would like to specifically point out are the unique solutions that LEON support offers (to each customer) in case an update/new feature does completely contradict the daily workflow, to deactivate certain functions, roll back an update temporarily or giving the customer the opportunity to decide if a new product should be activated or not.


Inspiration through cooperation

It is also worth noting that the cooperation between AirGO and Leon goes well beyond the usual aspects of service delivery. At Leon, we appreciate a direct, sincere approach to business relations and look for the same qualities in our client- and partner-base. With the recent development of Leon Sales, we have put a lot of work into extending the functionality of our Charter Sales toolset, including the all-new feature of generating invoices directly from Leon. Over the last year, we have been in close contact with our partners, gathering feedback and implementing the suggestions. The feedback from AirGO has been particularly helpful, giving us an additional insight into the German and the European charter sales market in general.

Daniela FlierlWe are really happy that this distant and future idea of us is becoming a reality today. We are aware that other customers of Leon are already working with it and for them it is a substantial benefit.


For more information on AirGO and their services, please visit the company’s website

AirGO is one of 210+ aviation companies using Leon for their operational excellence. Will you join them? Let us know by contacting our Sales team or by applying for a 30-day free trial.


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