There is a lot of confusion swirling around the topic of PNR at the moment. To clarify, the Passenger Name Record (PNR) regulations are a direct consequence of the EU directive 2016/681 regarding the provision of passenger data for all commercial flights in Europe. The reasoning was based on the necessity of collecting data in order to prevent possible terrorist offences and other serious, organized crime. Unfortunately, while EU member states have created, in most cases, streamlined procedures for commercial airlines, it has left business aviation with a lot of room for interpretation, resulting in a diverse approach to the implementation of the PNR directive, varying from country to country.

Because of that, while some member states are still contemplating on the legal framework for BizAv, other countries like Poland or Bulgaria have already introduced very strict regulations. Those include hefty penalties for non-compliance in not delivering the appropriate PAX data to their Passenger Information Units (PIU). This, on the other hand, leaves business aviation operators at a particular risk, as software they are using might be just fine on the operational side of business, but at the same time could be lacking the functionality to handle the process of forwarding the PNR data to PIUs.



An automated, cost-efficient solution

We have partnered with Matic SA already in 2018 to provide a solution to the aforementioned issues by combining the flight scheduling powerhouse of Leon with the versatility and perfect understanding of legal procedures on the side of PNRGO. The PNRGO platform functions as a hub that synchronises your flight data, validates and converts it to the PNRGOV format, readable by PIU, finally monitors your flight schedule and sends appropriate messages at the right moment. Having it connected to Leon results in a complete process automation as all the related flight, PAX and MVT data is sent in the background, without the need to manually verify it.

The PNR directive has become a vital issue for the industry, still struggling in their preparations to handle the process of handling and sending the PNR data,” mentioned Aleksander Goszczycki, Vice President at Matic SA. “New requirements are a tough nut to crack for operators , especially due to differences in implementation of PNR among different European countries. With PNRGO, we are providing a solution that formally and technically fulfills operator’s duties in this regard. Having PNRGO integrated with Leon has allowed to implement the complete functionality for all of their users.”

Knowing that member states are taking a long look at the transposition of PNR directive, we feel that this is a pivotal point for European operators to prepare for further changes on the legal ground,” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “We are particularly proud of the developments between Leon and Matic, resulting in the first PNR-compliant scheduling software for business aviation on market.”


"With PNRGO, we are providing a solution that formally and technically fulfills operator’s duties in this regard. Having PNRGO integrated with Leon has allowed to implement the complete functionality for all of their users.” 



Keep in mind, the PNRGO platform works great when distributing the PNR data to PIUs of the most restrictive EU member states, but is also fully supporting the framework for other countries. So no matter if you are flying to Poland (which requires the appropriate data) or France (where such restrictions haven’t entered into force… yet), the combined effort of PNRGO and Leon has got you covered. The added value of PNRGO is the ability to represent the operator in the process of certification and in communication with each of designated PIUs.

Jet Story’s successful implementation

The integration with PNRGO not only is already available, we even have some great success stories to tell. That is the case with Jet Story, one of the premier European business aviation operators. Having their base of operation in Poland, it was of utmost importance to provide them with an automated system capable of handling hundreds or even thousands of PNR messages every week.

During flight preparations carriers encounter a lot of everyday challenges, making the PNR compliance a process difficult to understand and even more to conduct efficiently. In case of Jet Story the goals were clear  – it was essential to simplify and automate the process,” commented Tomasz Lewandowski, IT Architect at Matic. “Due to great communication, shortly after receiving all the necessary details, we were able to adjust the processing data model in PNRGO and successfully conclude the implementation in just a few days.” 

We are very happy with the end result of the PNRGO implementation for Jet Story,” said Mateusz Owczarek, OCC Manager at Jet Story. “The whole process went amazingly smooth and fast, giving us more time to focus on our core business. It is fair to say that PNR is no longer an issue for our organization.” 

We feel that other operators will echo that sentiment very soon.


Creators of PNRGO, Aleksander Goszczycki and Tomasz Lewandowski, will be joining the list of speakers for the upcoming Leon Masterclass. You can register at - registrations are only open until 13.01.2020.

Should you require additional insight regarding the implementation of PNRGO in Leon, please contact our Support team to learn more or visit PNRGO website at


A few words about our partners from Matic themselves: 

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