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24 Sep 2019

Celebrating 5 years of cooperation with 2Excel Aviation

With over 200 clients on board, we have the privilege of working with some of the most innovative aviation companies the industry has seen. But even by our high standards, 2Excel Aviation is an exciting organisation to cooperate with.

Leon & 2Excel Aviation

JAMES DRESNER (2Excel Aviation) with ANNA KOZŁOWSKA (Leon) and PAWEŁ KRUK (Leon)

When we had found the opportunity to chat with James DresnerOperations Director at 2Excel Aviation, we immediately took our chances. After all, the occasion happened at the perfect moment, shortly before the fifth anniversary of our cooperation.

2Excel Aviation delivers an impressively diverse portfolio of solutions for the aviation business, varying from aerospace design, certification and production to air-land-integration training and helicopter operations. Operating two EASA-compliant B727s, equipped with aerial dispersant systems, 2Excel’s T2 Aviation is ready to handle jet oil spills anywhere on the planet. A team behind 2Excel geo provides remote sensing solutions with a unique application of airborne and spaceborne data. 2Excel Engineering is currently establishing itself as the European partner of choice for Boeing aircraft maintenance and repair. Do we have to mention that 2Excel is also the only globally accredited aerobatic airline? Yes, The Blades’ aerobatic and aircraft racing team can surely pump even more adrenaline to the already inspiring setup. 

Getting off to a flying start

The cooperation between 2Excel Aviation and Leon Software dates back to year 2014. At that point of time we were extremely excited to have a well-respected, dynamically growing aviation company such as 2Excel on board.

James Dresner:  2Excel Aviation started using LEON back in 2014 when our fleet had grown to such a number that it was hard to control.  Our FTLs were also completed by the pilots using Excel spreadsheets which were very basic and didn’t allow for complex roster planning.  We had heard about what LEON could offer and were given an online demonstration of its capabilities.  Straight away I could see that the introduction of LEON would be of great benefit to the Company and allow us to control our growth and maintain compliance with FTL restrictions, fleet planning and rostering.

At a first glance, we knew that the implementation of Leon at 2Excel could be challenging, due to diverse operational schemes as well as wide variety of aircraft in their fleet. It required extending Leon features of that time significantly, also in the field of compliance management.

James Dresner: I think it is fair to say that LEON were also in their infancy back then as the development of the product has been impressive, with excellent new capabilities added which have helped our day to day operations.  2Excel now operates a fleet which includes aerobatic Extra 300s, PA31 Navajos, BE20 King Airs, EC135 helicopter, Boeing 737 and Boeing 727 jets. This has meant LEON providing us with 4 different FTL schemes to manage our pilots and their rosters which is invaluable.  When the new EASA Multi-Crew FTL scheme was required, LEON were very quick to implement it from our AOM to ensure that our crews were operating legally.

Providing a good ground for innovation

There is no better ground for innovative services than a flexible system and its functionality.  Over the course of many years Leon has significantly transformed its development philosophy towards a more customizable application model, but we still listen every day to ideas and suggestions of our client base.

James Dresner: Having worked with the LEON team for around 5 years now, I have been very impressed how they have been able to listen to us (and other operators) and develop their product to meet bespoke requirements. There are many similar products which are produced but are very rigid in what they can do with little bespoke development.  As an innovation company, 2Excel is always needing bespoke features which LEON have been able to help us with. The advent of the LEON mobile app and its further development has also been a significant enhancement for us.  With most of our crews working from remote outstations it gives them the ability to keep up to date with their currencies and rosters which is invaluable.

5 years may be regarded as a short period of time for some, but the amount of changes and new features we have delivered between 2014 and 2019 could be easily divided into a number of separate applications. It could not be possible without the creative thinking coming from inspirational companies such as 2Excel Aviation.

James Dresner: In summary, LEON and its development has been invaluable in supporting the significant growth in capability and aircraft which 2Excel has undergone over the past 5 years.  Without LEON we would not be in a position to manage our pilots or aircraft, or to be able to maintain compliance with EASA regulations. During CAA audits we often use LEON to demonstrate compliance and it is a vital part of our business as we continue to grow our complex capabilities.

Here's to another five years (and more)!


Now that you know how 2Excel Aviation has benefited from Leon’s unique features, is there something our team can help you with?

For more information about 2Excel Aviation, please visit company’s website at

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