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10 Dec 2020

Charter sale automation with Aviapages

In the aviation industry, you need to keep on moving forward, and improving your business is a necessity.  Main processes that can be improved include automation of sales, the use of big data for accuracy, AI (artificial intelligence) to learn what clients need, as well as digitization of every system possible within a company. For those reasons, Aviapages can use data from Leon to complement the capabilities of business aviation clients (FBOs, dealers, and brokers) and their various services.

 new charterauto image3
Aviapages is integrating its tools with Leon

The need for data

Aviapages is a worldwide business aviation marketplace and has been providing the business aviation industry with IT, marketing, directory, and sales solutions since 2015. They are today a leading Google Search appearance directory website and include over 160 customers from around the world.

The system has a great need to acquire data. The more data it can get from different sources, the better it can put together the best-priced quotes and flight information for clients. Therefore, if there is permission for aviation data to be available, it makes the Aviapages search tool even more precise and up-to-date for interested brokers. Data on such items as the planning of flights, aircraft availability, quotations, and more are retrieved to give accurate and up-to-date quotes in real-time.

Charter Requests

Aviapages lets you find and request private jets, as well as to enquire business aviation-related services such as aircraft sales, fuel, flight support, handling, and catering, etc. To get a quote, go to the website and use the flight quotation tool.

Another benefit of using this tool is that the flight time and route calculator is very accurate, partly due to the analysis of data in the system. Just fill in the form and you receive a detailed and accurate flight brief. 

All a customer needs to do is enter the route information, dates, passenger numbers, and type of aircraft. The brief gives you the map route, historical flight time, weather impacts on previous flights, and a list of FBOs at airports (see the screen below).

new charterauto image3

Results page on

Once an operator approves data to be pulled between the systems, only then the system starts to integrate the data. Aircraft scheduling integration provides great benefits to users. Market players in the B2B market such as charter brokers and operators, can now find and book a charter flight in the system of over 8000 aircraft. They now have a valuable solution and an optimal alternative for charter search in the marketplace. 

new charterauto image3

Aviapages allows customers to request quotes

With both Leon and Aviapages designed to meet the needs of business aviation companies, the possibility of pairing both systems for aviation customers gives the capability to get even more accurate real-time and accurate quotes.

Please find more information on Aviapage’s website: 

Contact our Support team for further details regarding the integration process.

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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