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27 Nov 2020

Travel with an AI Expense manager in your pocket

Managing expenses while travelling on a trip is an important part of any journey. It requires that you save the receipts and invoices as you go. After the trip, you need to account for each expense and get it captured into your accounting software. Sometimes, by the time you get back, you would have misplaced or forgotten a receipt. This can result in an imperfect financial picture for the accountants at your company.

Welcome to the 21st century. The solution to keeping everything sorted and up-to-date is here. Using state of the art software and AI from your phone, you can save time and money with filing receipts on-the-go. Let us have a look at the latest Leon integration with Down-Route.

Overhaul of WhatsApp AI at Down-Route

In the BIZAV community, Down-Route is a provider of both a Hotel Booking and Expense Management tool. They have overhauled their software to take advantage of WhatsApp AI during its process of capturing expenses.

The improved AI system does the job quickly in capturing invoices and receipts. The process enables real-time management of expenses for your business and fleet (Opex - operating expenditures).

To start using this solution, you need to have purchased Leon and Down-Route’s Expense Management System. The integration which is extremely simple should be set up for your company. Then your crew will simply have to message Down-Routes WhatsApp number on their mobile devices to start the receipt capture process.

The receipt capture process

When they go on a trip where they need to keep track of expenses, all they have to do is to take a picture of the receipt and answer a few basic questions. The AI and the OCR (optical character recognition) captures as much information as possible, and the user answers a few additional questions to finalise the capture. The expenses are filed in the expense management system in real-time, Down-Route’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable users to tag, process and file expenses per aircraft and user all within 30 seconds.

Key features of Down-Route’s Expense Management Tool are:

  • Allows you to take photos and import PDF’s of your expense/invoice and submit them via web, email and WhatsApp;
  • The system scans and processes the receipts for you quickly and efficiently;
  • allows you to understand your aircraft OPEX in real-time as expenses are uploaded and assigned to an aircraft/trip/leg;
  • permits you to tag your aircraft expenses for easy tracking;
  • the crew can upload receipts from wherever in the world they might be;
  • saves data of real-time and historical currency exchange rates for over 170 currencies.

Flight scheduling data and more

The benefits of using Leon with Down-Route’s integration for our customers are that the fleet and crew’s expenses are kept up-to-date using a real-time API. This improves financial control by enabling tagging of expenses additionally to capturing them according to aircraft, event or journey.

trip schedule

Trip schedule in the system

The flow of data, in the internet of things, means that there are many ways to capture expenses. To improve the processes, one needs to make sure any technology that is deployed is widely available, is simple to use, is cross-platform, and quick to enable. Here the application of WhatsApp is leveraged well. Now everything is in one place for your analysis, with up-to-date reports on crew expenses and operating expenditure.

With both Leon and Down-Route designed to meet the needs of business aviation companies, the pairing of both systems gives the capability for owners of fleets to fine-tune and manage their operating expenses.

Please find more information on Down-Route’s website:

 Contact our Support team for further details regarding the integration process.

Not yet a member of the Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.

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