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18 Jun 2019

Enhanced Leon Sales to provide an even better process automation

With the recent introduction of new quoting features, we have provided the Business Aviation with a mighty process automation tool. Tracking the current progress of an existing quote, managing fees and price lists, fully customizable document templates – all those features should be considered an absolute must-have for any serious software that deals with charter selling.

Leon Community launch

 As those already had become a core part of Leon Sales, we knew that we still have to aim higher.  Over the course of last few weeks we have been extending the interface to include the game-changing automations, further reducing the time necessary to finish the quote.

“When we initially released a reinvented version of our Sales module two months ago, we made a promise to continue its development in order to implement some of the most sought-after features the BizAv industry wants,” said Paweł Kruk, CEO and Founder of Leon Software. “Today, we have reached another milestone in this process by delivering a complete sales solution, enhanced to give our users better flexibility and control over the quotation process.”

Verify if your quoted flight is ready to go with the feasibility check

The biggest workflow improvement comes in a form of automated feasibility tests, aggregated under the new feature. After all, everyone who runs charter sales needs to know precisely - before clicking that “send quote” button - if aircraft, crew, airport services and a number of other factors meet the requirements for that particular trip.

Feasibility check feature validates a number of variables (including airport categories, airport opening hours and overlapping flights) before giving a green light to continue the quotation process. We do not have to add how positively this change can affect the daily activities of each Sales team, removing the time-consuming chores required for verification purposes. New validations, with FTLs included, are expected to arrive very soon.

Handle multiple quotes and subcharters

In the recent update we have also implemented a new way of handling RFQs, allowing to work with multiple quotes at the same time. While sending the quote or appropriate documentation, you can currently choose for which tail you would like to send it. This is both a huge time-saver and a workflow improvement by allowing to select and process each quotation more efficiently. For each part of the process you can select different versions of document and email templates.

Another way to increase the flexibility of quotation is by adding external aircraft types with the Subcharter option. Leon gives you that possibility – by choosing a subcharter aircraft during the quotation process and filling the required information on the go, you can manage it quite like the standard quote. 

Don’t forget to check our online guide for a quick tour of the newly added features. 

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with our amazing customer support to get all the answers you need.

Not yet a member of the Leon family? Try out our 30-day free trial and learn the advantages of Leon all by yourself!


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