Get more from the community

With the launch of a new community site, users not only get the opportunity to share their know-how and quickly find answers to questions they seek, but also can engage in communication with Leon team on a more persistent basis. You will be the first to know about our upcoming plans for Leon and its new features, with a unique chance to discuss your ideas and suggestions on elements you would love to see with developers themselves.

Gaining access to the community will be also a huge perk for external developer teams, who work with Leon’s API. As we have plans to introduce the all-new API in the very near future, the process of developing new integrated services is about to become much easier than before.

Closer to Leon than ever

Over the years we have been creating a vast knowledge base to aid our customers in a smooth transition to Leon and its features. Yet we have learned that even the grandest manual or the most detailed video tutorials won’t suffice if the communication is one-sided only. 

“While already having a first-class support service at Leon, we still have been looking to develop new ways of bringing users closer to our platform,” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “For our client and partner base to be able to gain and share the expert knowledge, learn about our present and future updates, communicate directly with our development team – this is our goal. An overwhelming number of constructive meetings held during this year’s EBACE has only strengthened this impression.”  

Leon Community is a result of those discussions, but more importantly - an another step forward in the process of making a great software for the aviation business. 

Join us!

Leon Community ( is live, available to everybody.

Should any questions arise, our support team is happy to assist.