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01 Jun 2024

Leon Software attends EBACE 2024 in Geneva

Leon Software proudly participated in the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) 2024, held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Aviation Software - EBACE 2024

This premier event in the business aviation industry offered Leon Software a vital platform to engage with clients, industry leaders, and potential partners. Representing the company were Anna Kozłowska Janczy, Paweł Szmagaj, Anna Fiedoruk, Paweł Kruk, Rafał Grad, and Daniel Sałuda.

Engaging with Customers and Industry Peers

The Leon Software team had the invaluable opportunity to meet numerous customers and industry peers, fostering relationships and discussing the future of business aviation. Their presence at EBACE underscored the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments and enhancing their software solutions based on direct feedback and insights from users.

Introducing New Integrations

One of the highlights for Leon Software at EBACE 2024 was the introduction of several upcoming and functioning Integrations. These include:

  • Moon Jet: Aimed at optimizing ops work with flight permits and operational efficiency.
  • G.A.S OPS: Enhancing ground handling and service coordination.
  • Mirai Flights: Streamlining flight purchasing and management processes.
  • GoOllie: Improving searching and selling flights.
  • Azerra: Facilitating advanced analytics and reporting and CO2 compensation capabilities.
  • Euro Jet: Improving comprehensive ground support and trip planning services.
  • Streamlane: Offering seamless communication and passenger data transfer.
  • Private Jet App: Enhancing user experience for private jet bookings.

These integrations are designed to provide comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of business aviation, ensuring that operators can maximize efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.

A Crucial Event for Business Aviation

EBACE is a pivotal event for the business aviation sector, serving as a hub for innovation, networking, and knowledge exchange. Leon Software, participates in EBACE since our beginning so it was not the first show.

EBACE 2024 1

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