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12 Sep 2019

Our Masterclass event on compliance management unveiled!

We are excited to announce the first edition of our training and knowledge sharing event, Leon Masterclass, which will take place on 20th of January 2020 in Warsaw.

Leon Masterclass

The event is set to become a perfect opportunity for aviation professionals to hone their skills in compliance management, with a full-day training schedule focusing on existing global aviation regulations and their impact on operators’ responsibilities. With a number of experts and guest speakers proficient in that particular area and willing to share their knowledge, we are expecting engaging open panel discussions.

While developing Leon we have been always fully aware of the importance of quality management procedures, helping our clients to stay compliant with authorities all around the globe.” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “Our goal for this event is not only to provide our guests with an exclusive know-how, but also to initiate a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among our partners and customers. We can’t wait to welcome our honoured guests in January.”

It is not a big surprise that our first Masterclass event largely focuses on compliance. Leon has already gained a lot of recognition for its audit-ready features, bolstering the viability of audit management procedures. Matching the content of client’s Operation Manual, Leon’s acclaimed FTL engine is a highly customizable solution, used in daily operations as well as for internal and external audit procedures. Alongside with configurable endorsements, crew notifications and an advanced reporting module, air operators can enjoy a complete set of tools required to properly handle this challenging process.

A practical application of those features will be a major part of the event as we have invited both experts in regulations and practitioners, experienced in using Leon for the purpose of audit procedures and in their day-to-day agenda. Due to their insight, participants will be provided with a broader perspective on all aspects of compliance policy implementation.

The registration for the event is now open

Starting from the 10th of September, we have also opened the registration process. Due to the scope of the event, participants are advised to have at least basic prior experience with Leon application.

Additional information, including a detailed agenda, speakers list and the registration process explanation, can be found at


You can also contact our Masterclass Team should you require any assistance regarding the event. We are more than happy to help!

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