“If you want to fly, Leon is all you need,” said Vedran Tuce, Operations Coordinator of FlyBosnia. “It is currently the only tool on the market that meets all our needs while still being very affordable. Being user-friendly is also of great help in your everyday aviation life.” 

The number of companies using the software is constantly growing. Looking at the influx of clients year-by-year, our portfolio boasts an impressive 27% increase in comparison to 2018. And with the emergence of new markets, we can only expect another great year for Leon.

So, why not find out more?

If you read this article and an idea popped into your head that, perhaps, it might be worthwhile to find out why so many aviation companies are turning to Leon - you are on the right track! At Leon, we are here to help your company grow, and by growth we mean using a scalable, centralized solution that greatly improves the information flow and time efficiency of your day-to-day processes.

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Of course, we are totally aware of how challenging it may seem at first glance to switch from the old way of doing things, due to legacy infrastructure or other limitations. This is also why our amazing customer support is at your constant disposal, to assist you in a fluid and efficient switch to Leon.

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