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28 Mar 2019

Why top Business Aviation start-ups select Leon as their Scheduling Software of Choice

How Leon has become a natural choice for SONAS Aviation and other new Business Aviation entrants.

Software of Choice of BizAv start-ups

At the beginning of March, when SONAS Aviation decided to start using Leon as a key cog in their internal and external communication processes, we were thrilled.  Located in Shannon, Ireland, SONAS has been founded by a group of leading industry experts who have the experience, the know-how and the attention to detail necessary to deliver highly bespoke business aviation services for its clients.  

”SONAS is creating a new chapter in Business Aviation” said Graham Williamson, CEO and Founder of SONAS Aviation. “We see an opportunity to provide a market leading service to our clients, incorporating all of the knowledge, experience and processes that one could expect from a large, legacy operator but with the flexibility and personal approach of a smaller organisation. 

A critical component to achieving this is working with the right partners, those who both understand our vision and are able to help us achieve it. This is particularly important when it comes to software product as this underpins the day-to-day activities of any business and can either add or remove complexity. By starting with a blank canvas, we are pleased to be able to partner with key suppliers such as Leon, who offer the systems and business flexibility as an integral part of our overall processes.”


 graham williamson

Graham Williamson 

CEO and Founder,
SONAS Aviation


"By starting with a blank canvas, we are pleased to be able to partner with key suppliers such as Leon, who offer the systems and business flexibility as an integral part of our overall processes.” 

For Leon Software it is also the first appearance on the Irish market.

“We are excited about the opportunity to cooperate with SONAS Aviation, being also our first customer in Ireland,” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “With Irish business aviation on the rise, we believe this is a pivotal moment for making an impact on this particular market.”

SONAS Aviation has chosen Leon. Why would you?

Even as an established operator within the industry you still need an adequate tool to reach your goals. Software that will bolster your operations, while at the same time taking care of other key areas, such as crew management and sales. Having quite a lot of distinct options on the market, why do we believe that Leon suits your new business in the best possible way?

Scalability is key

Being a new brand comes with a number of challenges. At the beginning you probably want to focus on expanding your business without an unnecessary hassle of using several disjointed solutions. When you think about the information flow, we have you covered, delivering a wide range of integrations with such crucial platforms as Avinode, Centrik, CAMP, among many others.

We also provide you with a subscription model which scales well with the growth and scope of the company. It is as simple and as transparent as it gets, with a per-aircraft monthly fee and no additional, hidden costs. Learn more.

No barriers to entry

At Leon Software, we believe that you will love the possibility to test our application without any commitments during a 30-day trial. A trial version is delivered with your company’s data already implemented, including your fleet, users and FTL’s. You are ready to start your experience with Leon as soon as you start your trial period!

More than that, we provide you with a free-of-charge option to conduct an installation of Leon on your behalf with support from our technical team as well as our online guides and manuals.

For more information, don’t forget to check the online guide to Leon plus our extensive video tutorials.

Free on-demand online trainings for every Leon user

We know that having a free access to a trial version of our application is a great boon. What would you say, if we told you that our dedicated support team is at your disposal without any additional charges via online training sessions? Throughout the trial period and infinitely after it ends? How amazing is that?

Looking for more insight on how to elevate your business with Leon? Apply for a free trial and let us know how we can aid you.


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