In particular the aviation industry considers the security a matter of utmost importance. Due to an increased connectivity as well as a risk of sharing data accessing devices, we wanted to provide a solution, which is in line with requirements of a modern-era enterprise.

This is exactly why we are happy to introduce an additional factor of authentication as an option available to each user of Leon. Two-Factor Authentication enables a functionality that requires a combination of two separate stages of authentication in order to log into the system. Besides regular login credentials, users have to obtain a 6-digit authentication code to log into Leon.

It is as simple as that. Do we need to mention that Two-Factor Authentication is our exclusive feature? As of now only Leon, out of all BizAv Scheduling Software, has it available. 

Easier than you can imagine

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication is extremely straightforward. By marking an appropriate option in your user settings, you begin the process of adding the mechanism to your account. We have even provided you with an option to force the Two-Factor Authentication for all users within your organisation at once. Learn the whole procedure step-by-step at our Wiki.

For more detailed presentation of the new feature don’t forget to check our video tutorial in which, as usual, our support leads you by the hand through each step of the configuration process.