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10 Apr 2019

How to boost your sales with Leon

The moment has come to cut down on those quote-handling times!

Boost your sales with Leon

The most recent Leon update is finally here, bringing you a wide range of new features designed to increase an efficiency and reduce a large amount of day-to-day communication issues of your Business Aviation sales department.

One of the biggest challenges modern aviation operators are facing is not only related to their operational procedures, but - more surprisingly - to the capability of their sales processes. Especially when it comes to the quotation process, Leon provides a huge relief by reducing the time necessary to finish the quote. By managing fees, providing integrity check and setting up customized price lists, your sales team can finish each quotation within a few clicks without the risk of sending an incomplete data. We do not have to mention how positively this can affect your busy daily schedule.

Improving the quality and efficiency of communication processes of an aviation company was our another goal in recent months. With the introduction of a new Sales interface, the communication with a client has been unified to match the workflow process of a sales department. Leon Sales helps tracking the current progress of an existing quote and supports the team with a complete list of fully customized document templates, separate for each stage.

Faster, more efficient work of your sales team

Leon is a powerful process automation tool and you can feel that when working with Leon Sales. The average time required to close each of RFQs is now drastically shorter, which is achieved by configuring your pricing and fees in advance (easy to use drag & drop for both airports and aircraft), but also by a number of quality-of-life features. Your sales and ops departments can facilitate on an improved information flow, thanks to our checklists and notes features.

For an extended view of new features, we encourage you to visit our online guide to Leon, where you can check in detail every single one.

Work as you normally do

The new Leon Sales interface matches the workflow process of the BizAv sales department. For each particular stage of the quotation process, communicate with your client using the centralized data and fully customized document templates - Flight Quotation, Charter Agreement and Flight Brief. Document templates can be edited and modified by you to make them consistent with your company’s communication line.

Further features on the way

The current list of features is a fruit of labour between us and our partners. For many months of development, we have actively listened to our partners to deliver the experience they would love to use. The process is not over yet as we still have plans for future updates with additional Sales features included. This is also why we would hope to hear your feedback on the current version – our support team is all ears!

Not yet a user? Apply for a free 30-day trial and find out why over 200 aviation companies are enjoying Leon in their daily operations.


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