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06 Nov 2023

Go mobile with Leon and JetManager

Thanks to the cooperation between JetManager and Leon Software, JetManager's Digital Aircraft Mobile Application will be available to all Leon customers.

Jet Manager

A Mobile-First Strategy in an Era of Digitization

Smartphones are with us every step of the way. We do a lot of business using the latest technologies, including voice assistants and artificial intelligence in all its forms. Application developers are outdoing themselves with ideas to make our lives easier, giving us more and more new technologies to help us get things done. We're so used to it that it's no surprise that these types of mobile applications are making their way into aviation.

Introducing the JetManager Digital Aircraft Mobile App

JetManager Digital Aircraft, developed by Jet Manager, is a fast and simple mobile application designed to provide the best possible user experience. It uses the latest and most convenient technologies such as voice control, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. It works with any scheduling system and provides your customers and aircraft owners with a complete set of data in real time - all without email and spreadsheets. 

With Leon integration, JetManager's Digital Aircraft seamlessly connects to our flight management system. This means you have key information from Leon at your fingertips on your smartphone or iPad. Any aircraft owner can digitally access all relevant aircraft data in real time using only a mobile device - no PDFs, emails or spreadsheets - to access aircraft documents, maintenance history and forecasts, historical reporting data, submit travel requests, create passenger lists and manage travel documents in seconds. The app also uses state-of-the-art speech recognition, image recognition and AI technology.

Leon: The same core system with a wide range of extensions

Leon serves as the core data system, the central hub for all key insights and operations, but delivers much more value through API-driven integrations. Working with solutions like the Digital Aircraft Mobile App gives our customers the ability to view Leon data in a variety of ways on any device. As a result, we offer our customers the widest choice of solutions from across the aviation industry, while opening up to new business partners. We're pleased to announce that JetManager has just become one such partner.

About JetManager

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and established in 2018 at the intersection of business aviation and IT, JetManager builds real-time communication software to combine technology with the flexibility, adaptability, and comprehensive experience of humans to create superhuman capabilities. JetManager’s mission is to accelerate the aviation industry’s transition to frictionless, real-time communication, based on verifiable data models.

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