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11 Mar 2024

Green and Lean: How to use OptiriseTM & Leon Software for lower costs and carbon footprint

40% of private aviation flights are empty, according to RISE, a French aviation software company.


To reduce this number, they created OptiriseTM, which helps business aviation operators maximize the efficiency of their fleets. Now, with Leon integrated, it's just one click away.

The challenges of flight planning…

At Leon Software, we understand the challenges of flight planning and help companies meet them with solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the industry. Leon is at the heart of the digital flight management system, both on the planning and operational side.  

RISE, on the other hand, provides advanced methods to address the challenges of optimizing the flight plan while reducing the carbon footprint. Their solution is suited for any operator with more than 5 aircraft, whether in charter or on a private/fractional programme. 

While the advantages of digitizing flight planning are clear, not everything is automated today. Aircraft will still need repositioning, Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations will still occur, and customers will continue to change their minds about when and where they want to fly - every operator knows these scenarios are inevitable. Operations teams face these issues on a daily basis, and it takes a lot of effort. That's where OptiriseTM comes in - it's designed to provide operators with a decision-support solution to simplify their scheduling work.

… and the benefits of advanced algorithms

OptiriseTM introduces a method aimed at addressing inefficiencies within business aviation operations through the use of advanced algorithms and integration with digital flight management software such as Leon. This solution is designed to dynamically adapt to the complexities of aviation logistics. By analyzing a wide array of variables - including flight schedules, airport availability, maintenance and crewing rules - OptiriseTM seeks to optimize the utilization of an operator's fleet.

The system works by evaluating real-time data to recommend the most efficient deployment of available aircraft over the next few days, thereby aiming to reduce the frequency of empty leg flights. Thanks to its integration with Leon, OptiriseTM can use a wide range of data already entered into the system, eliminating the problem of double data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

About RISE

Founded in 2021 in France, the company merges expertise in business aviation with software development and resource optimization skills. RISE is dedicated to improving the efficiency and environmental sustainability of business aviation operations. In addition to Optirise™, RISE is actively engaged in contrail avoidance and preparing for the future of aviation through Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), showcasing its dedication to pioneering sustainable aviation solutions. The company can be reached on

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