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14 Mar 2024

Exploring the paperless cockpit concept with smartOFP and Leon

Replacing pen and paper methods with digital tools is one of the guiding principles behind the creation of Leon - as well as many other applications useful in aviation. One of them is smartOFP, the advanced electronic flight bag system that integrates all your flight operational data in one tool, taking the paperless cockpit concept to the next level.

Exploring the paperless cockpit concept with smartOFP and Leon

Access all your information while you're in the air

Digitizing processes offers many advantages that significantly improve operational efficiency and decision-making in aviation. With smartOFP you can integrate various information sources into a streamlined, intelligent toolthat can be used at any time, including during flight. The system not only tracks flight progress automatically but also analyzes trends such as on-time performance and fuel consumption, providing actionable insights.

Aviation Interface Integration simplifies crew and flight planning. The Flight Viewer Backend serves as a comprehensive aviation database and reporting tool, optimizing customer operations through detailed analysis. The smartOFP Library Function ensures compliance and provides easy access to essential documents. Its Situational Awareness feature integrates real-time weather data to enhance safety and planning. Pilots can overlay this information on their routes for visual tracking, including radar images and SIGMETs, via the Map Options. Additionally, the JourneyLog Function streamlines the management of operational data, facilitating integrated management of fueling, delays, de-icing, and crew details in a single system.

Leon and smartOFP Integration: Improving efficiency and accuracy in flight operations

Leon is the main system that provides airlines with key information about their current operations. However, it is constantly being fed with new data that can be improved, and the information in Leon can be enhanced with new, additional data. Integrations and automatic, secure file exchange between systems allow better use of the potential of digitization - that's how Leon and smartOFP integration works.

Before the flight, smartOFP seamlessly connects to Leon to retrieve critical planning data. This includes flight schedules, crew assignments, passenger information, and other relevant flight details. By accessing Leon's data, smartOFP ensures that the Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) is up-to-date and ready for the upcoming flight.

During the flight, the flight crew utilizes the EFF provided by smartOFP on their iPads. They can access and manage critical information, such as fuel calculations, time trends, waypoint tracking, and crew and passenger data. This real-time access ensures that the flight is managed efficiently and that the crew has all the information they need at their fingertips.

After the flight is completed, crew members or the OCC usually need to enter trip log data such as fuel, delay, crew, de-icing and others into Leon for record keeping and compliance purposes. smartOFP simplifies this process by allowing crews to enter the required data into the EFF whenever they need to. Once the EFF is uploaded, the smartOFP backend processes the data and sends it to Leon. Both sides perform validity checks and notify the crew of any errors. This streamlines post-flight data entry, reduces manual effort and ensures accuracy.

smartOFP bridges the gap between Leon's scheduling and flight management data and the actual in-flight operations. It empowers flight crews with real-time access to critical information and simplifies the post-flight data entry process into Leon, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in flight operations.

About Cockpit-IT

Cockpit-IT provides advanced digital aviation solutions with a focus on Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software development and integration for iOS and Windows, as well as critical support for crew planning and MRO systems. Their services include custom solutions for EFB management, regulatory compliance and cockpit data integration, backed by comprehensive support and training to ensure effective use. Its flagship product, smartOFP, introduces a next-generation EFB solution that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures and complies with international standards.

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