What is FlightPartner?

FlightPartner is an Air Charter Commerce platform that offers detailed aircraft search results with the ability to quote, book and pay for air charter travel in real-time. The platform matches charter broker demand (travel) with air charter operator supply (aircraft).

What makes FlightPartner different than other solutions?

Numerous platforms have flooded the marketplace with request for quotes (RFQ’s) with little expectation of the quote converting to a sale. FlightPartner is vetting the charter request process, thus bringing the sale to the charter operator

How FlightPartner can help your business?

  • Automate your charter workflow process
  • Eliminate wasted time responding to “curious quotes”
  • Simplify the charter sales process for your sales team
  • Increase charter sales
  • Reduce industry information clutter
  • Reduce staff workload

How the integration works?

Leon system can automatically export operator's empty legs and aircraft availability. Once the integration is set up you can select which aircraft’s schedule will be automatically exported. Having the data FlightPartner aggregates global charter aircraft availability and brings that availability to the marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about FlightPartner please visit the website www.flightpartner.com or write to .

To activate the integration please contact Leon’s support team: