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26 Apr 2017

Integration with Delisky

We are very happy to announce Leons' integration with DeliSky. Now when you schedule a flight you can order catering services with just few clicks.

Integration with Delisky

What is DeliSky?

DeliSky is the No.1 leading worldwide online platform for VIP Inflight Catering services for the Business Aviation industry. The DeliSky ordering system is available web-based and as an iOS App and it allows Business Jet companies to place and arrange their orders easily and efficiently with full cost control within a network of exclusive catering providers around the globe. 

The DeliSky App is accessible free of charge and a personal login can be requested, just by clicking HERE 

How the integration works? 

Once the integration is in place you will be able to place an order with DeliSky via checklist in Leon. A link will be available next to the CATERING item in section PAX. Clicking on the link will transfer you to DeliSky's ordering page.

delisky panel

If you would like to learn more about DeliSky please visit

If you are interested in activating this integration for your Company, please see the tutorial with simple instructions HERE.


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