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05 Sep 2016

Integration with JetHunter

We are happy to announce an integration with our new partner JetHunter.

If you use both Leon and JetHunter you can easily turn this integration on in Leon by taking simple steps:

1. Go to the Settings icon

2. Go to the section Schedule Export & Import

3. Mark the aircraft you need integrated in the JetHunter column

JetHunter Integration


The connection allows to automatically feed JetHunter with information needed to analyze your schedule. Basing on the analysis JetHunter can automatically track and distribute empty legs via various channels, including OTAs, GDS systems and ticket aggregators. Empty legs can be viewed, confirmed or declined within JetHunter interface. The platform takes all the communication with clients, playing as a broker for all confirmed flights. For more information, please, contact JetHunter via .


JetHunter Logo


JetHunter is a newly open platform for private jet professionals. It simplifies the private jet market network by aggregating sales channels, airline management and operation software, payments and contracting. 


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