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18 Nov 2021

Introducing Leon for Brokers

With sales-oriented features rolling out over recent months, we are excited to finally introduce a new subscription plan that has been tailored to the needs of charter brokers.

Introducing Leon for Brokers

New subscription plan arrives together with solutions that reflect the broker’s workflow and his role in a fast-paced environment of the jet charter business. His duties involve not only closing sales deals, but also everything that leads to that point and further - providing a customer service that upholds high standards of the industry. All the critical responsibilities - from quote management to the communication with each party involved in the process - can be handled now through Leon.

A toolset that was missed

Until now aircraft brokers were missing a dedicated toolset for their line of business that would combine an easy access to any flight sold with an advanced broker workflow. At Leon, we wanted to address that, by providing one of the first broker-centric solutions in the business aviation industry.

Every broker needs to have a clear overview of the whole process of charter sales. With this in mind, we have extended the functionality of the Bookings view, which now supports the display of flight watch data for both your own fleet (if you are an operator) and for charter flights (if you are a broker). The information on flights sold also provides an opportunity to send movement emails directly from the Flight Watch window to a client.

Easy access to flight watch data on every flight sold.

Fully customised communication

We have always put an emphasis on the customisation in every facet of our software and Leon for Brokers is no exception. Most of the features offered in the new subscription plan can be set up according to the broker’s working scheme. Your branding can be added for all the templates that range from flight documents, MVT messages and emails, to invoices.

The communication itself is indeed one of the most crucial aspects of brokers’ duties. We know that, as a broker, you have to stay in the constant loop with both aircraft operators and clients and you can do it directly via Leon, whether it means sending a recharge invoice to a client, or making arrangements regarding the chartered plane.

A versatile platform for charter sales

The Sales module in Leon has been developed to serve operators and brokers alike, especially since many air operators can handle broker duties in their line of business. As of now, Leon Sales provides a complete coverage of the process of charter sales, with a large number of quality of life features that lower the time needed to handle each quote and smoothen the communication with each party involved.

Some of the most eye-catching features include an advanced marketplace integration with Avinode, allowing both managing quote requests coming from the marketplace as well as easy access to the available charter options by searching for the required aircraft and comparing the offers on the market. The number of features brokers can benefit from is much larger and involves enhancements to the original workflow. Between paperless signing with Docusign integration, travel document scan recognition for faster PAX entry, or giving your clients an option for cryptocurrency payments with the Mirai Flights integration, the efficiency of the sales channel can go only one way - upwards.

Sales data at your fingertips

As we have mentioned before, communication is vital for brokers. Leon works as a CRM in terms of managing the contact base and streamlining the way each contact can be handled. Depending on the contact data available, you can then customise communication with your clients and their representatives using appropriate language templates as a default. If a client has a preferred handling agent or requires taking particular exclusion zones into consideration when defining a flight route, this can also be automated via the Phonebook module.

Sales data also means the evaluation of the sales outcome in your research. Leon collects the data of each quote, providing statistics on conversion rate and broker revenue for each requester as well as the historical pricing for each routing.

The subscription plan for brokers is now available for 89 EUR per month / user. View all of the available plans at our website.

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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