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04 Dec 2023

Leon and The Private Jet App for Seamless Communication

Want to build better relationships with your customers? Provide them with easier flight management? There's an app for that - the Private Jet App, a white-label application that facilitates smooth communication between private jet companies and their clients. Thanks to their partnership and integration with Leon Software, private jet companies can now offer their clients a more modern and transparent travel experience.

Private Jet App

Communicate effectively and keep your customers informed

The private jet industry's communication and customer service needs an uplift from the current manual data entry, limited communication options, and lack of real-time updates. Many current private jet companies are unable to provide the level of communication and transparency that their clients have come to expect in today's digital age.

The use of manual logbooks has resulted in a disconnected and error-prone process. Delays in data transfer, handwriting errors, and the need for physical storage limit access to one person at a time. Handwritten entries are not searchable, so their potential for data analytics remains untapped.This is where The Private Jet App comes in. With features such as, owners approval, in-app chat, comprehensive itinerary presentation, and real-time flight tracking, The Private Jet App helps provide a smooth experience for both private jet companies and their clients. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and provides real-time updates and notifications about changes to the itinerary. The app offers a new level of communication and transparency, and together we will raise the standard for customer service.

Always timely data thanks to Leon integration

The Private Jet App integrates with Leon Software through their extensive and powerful API’s, webhooks and technology. This integration allows for instant updates and notifications to be sent to customers when changes occur. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, operational efficiency will drastically be improved and customers can be assured that their itinerary is up-to-date and accurate at all times.

Leon acts as your main flight management software, from which the Private Jet App retrieves data to display to customers. You manage your fleet and flights from Leon, without the need to transfer data between systems, it happens automatically. The customer always has access to all key information about their trip.

The Private Jet App features you need to know:

● Communication: Keep all relevant communication with your client in one place through our in-app chat.

● Flight Itinerary: A comprehensive trip overview where clients will receive updates on their flight status, make changes to their itinerary, and receive notifications on any flight-related information.

● Owner Approval Feature: The app provides an owner approval feature that allows private jet owners to review, reject or approve any request to use their private aircraft.

● Flight Tracking: The app provides real-time flight tracking for clients, their personal assistants or other close ones.

● Branding and Design: The Private Jet App can be customized to match the branding and design preferences of the private jet operator or broker. Their clients will have a unique and personalized experience when using the app.

About The Private Jet App:

Through our more than 40+ years of experience in the Private Aviation industry, we saw a need to modernise the communication between operators/brokers and their clients.

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