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25 Mar 2024

Leon integration with ARC SMS platform by AviationManuals

Handling the safety management process involves many activities and extensive documentation. To make it easier, AviationManuals has designed and developed ARC a compliance and Safety Management System (SMS) platform. It now has an integration with Leon Software.

Aviation Manuals

Safety Management System in your mobile device

AviationManuals is the leading provider of online safety management system (SMS) and compliance solutions for business aviation. They support over 4500 aircraft operators andFBOs world wide, on a variety of registrations including FAA Parts 91 and 135, EASA Part-NCC, Bermuda, Cayman, Isle of Man, San Marino, and more.

SMS software reduces the role of paper documents, replacing them with an electronic version, much easier to organize, store or analyze. With ARC platform users can monitor news and updates, see global safety metrics, manage their operation with read & initial, custom permissions, automated notifications, and risk assessment and reporting tools.

Thanks to the new approach and digitization of processes, the most important information can be accessed via an iPad. Some key data can be pulled automatically, some can be entered in a simple way, and the easier and less time-consuming it is for the users, the fewer human errors will be made.

Automated data exchange between Leon and ARC

Both Leon and ARC require a complete and accurate dataset. Integrating the two eliminates duplicate data entry. Automated data exchange not only not only reduces the workload, but also improves the quality of information. It will have a positive impact on the ARCrisk tool,which will make it easier to assess and respond to risk through integrations and mitigation guidance, as well as on Leon, which data feed will be enriched.

Mutual clients will benefit from the integration instantly with much less workload and a fuller picture of the situation based on complete data.

More about AviationManuals

Founded in 1996, AviationManuals’ philosophy is to make safety and compliance accessible. Founded in 1996, AviationManuals’ philosophy is to make safety and compliance accessibleto every business aviation flight department and FBO worldwide. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area, AviationManuals supports over 4,500 operators worldwide,and is the leading provider of manual development services and SMS software for biz av flight departments, aircraft management companies, and owner/operators globally. For moreinformation, please visit

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