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07 Mar 2022

Leon Software and Streamlane provide a new PNR solution

Leon Software has leagued with Streamlane to provide a new integration, addressing an increased demand for Passenger Name Record solutions in the recent months.

Leon Software and Streamlane provide a new PNR solution

Upon the PNR regulation, all air carriers are obliged to transmit their passenger data to the EU state authorities, at specific times before flight departure and in the specific format that can be used by the state's recipient system.

This regulation comes in addition to the API regulation, implemented a few years ago in Europe to collect data of passengers flying to/from non-Schengen countries. Other countries such as USA, Canada, Russia, or UAE request API information, also called APIS data. 

Since the directive was voted, EU states have worked hard to implement their PNR system. As you probably noticed, a growing number of EU and non EU states, including Poland, Luxembourg, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Romania, UK and others, are getting ready to receive passenger data from smaller air operators - Business aviation and charters. If your company hasn't received any letter requesting to transmit passenger data from one of these EU states, you may still have some time to get prepared. But the clock is ticking… and for non-european states you might have missed the information.

If you are already transmitting data to respective authorities through their webportal or by email, you may continue to manage it manually for the moment. But bear in mind that it will become more and more complex for 2 reasons : the number of countries requesting data is inevitably growing and what is requested is never the same, each state has its own little differences.

Leon and Streamlane are now connected to automate your API-PNR data transmission

We all know it, these new obligations generate additional effort to be compliant, producing additional costs and requiring complex projects to manage. To alleviate this burden, Leon Software and Streamlane have been working together, introducing an integration that connects Leon with the GOVlink platform. With GOVlink, you get a turnkey solution to fully automate your API-PNR data transmission. Once activated, you can almost forget about these administrative obligations. GOVlink takes care of the message transmission seamlessly, so you don’t need to change your habits, just follow your usual process in Leon.

The integration between GOVlink and Leon has been made possible with the OAuth2 standard implementation. By establishing a stable and secure interface connecting both systems, a delivery of this time-saving solution has been achieved in a matter of weeks.



The workflow of the GOVlink platform, according to Streamlane.

As a pure player in the API-PNR market, Streamlane is dedicated to building platforms that simplify transmission of passenger data between Carriers and States authorities. We are thrilled to have achieved this integration with Leon Software. It will allow Leon customers to be compliant with API PNR regulations effortlessly and contribute to global security” said Nabih El Aroussi, CEO of Streamlane.

Over the course of over a decade Leon Software has helped hundreds of aviation companies to stay compliant with legal authorities.” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “The integration between Leon and GOVlink is another step in that process, providing a new toolset to handle the Advanced Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record regulations. We are happy to make it possible.”

The partners are committed to a long-term partnership. The service will be extended to respond to the next coming EU regulations related to EES and ETIAS. Under the EES regulation, the carriers will be required to check the “authorization to board” for the non-EU passengers to enter EU states .


In order to learn more about the GOVlink platform, please contact Streamlane at or visit their webpage.

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