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12 Feb 2014

New Notifcations

Please be advised that the current email notification system is going to work until the end of March 2014. We have written a better, improved version of the notification system which is available for setting now when you log to After a week the new code will be published on

Under Flights menu, the current (old) notification system settings page is named 'Notifications (old)' and the new one is just below and named 'Notifications (new)'. 

The main difference in the notification system is the engine behind it. The code has been rewritten and is more reliable and faster. New notification system is also more flexible in configuration. It offers several different leg grouping options, HTML and simple text format, more precise trigger, etc. You can read more about it in our manual.

What to do? 

Please add new notifications and disable old ones. The best way of dealing with it is just to add a new notification (the same as the old one) and then once it's added, delete the old one. If you need any help with it, please contact our support () and we will be happy to assist you and clarify your doubts.


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