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29 Mar 2022

Optimising charter sales with the new Quorem integration

We have joined our forces with Quorem to provide our customers with a new integration, offering sales process optimisation on top of advanced data analytics.

Optimising charter sales with the new Quorem integration

Over the course of the last few years, the Sales functionality in Leon has grown exponentially, providing our users with a fully fledged ecosystem for charter sales. Even with its current extensive development though, there was never a plan to stray away from the focus on the core functionality, leaving a number of strong supporting features (such as cryptocurrency payments or paperless signing) to the third-party software integrated with Leon. 

To answer the needs of charter sales teams in a better way, we have teamed up with Quorem - a platform developed to give proactive sales teams a faster and more informed way to build optimised flight programs. The partnership with Quorem introduces an integration that enhances sales processes for operators using Leon, analysing the flight schedule and tracking the best of the available opportunities. Quorem’s ML-powered data engine will look up the aggregated data for the most efficient way to optimise the sales pipeline, fine-tuning the available bookings with empty legs availability, as well as offering extensive automation for workflows and alerts. 

This creates a real synergy between systems, giving their users the best of both worlds - a robust functionality for charter quoting and OPS management in Leon, with advanced analytics provided by Quorem, designed to increase profitability for operators.

Common goals and vision

It is no wonder that we have started the cooperation process with such high expectations. Both companies have similar standards when it comes to product development and engaging their client base. Our development is strongly intertwined with the customer feedback that helps continuously improve the application according to valuable guidelines from the community. Steady development also translates well into the number of features that are released, with more than 500 improvements delivered over the course of the last year.  Quorem has a small number of early adopters that are already seeing 3%-6% of turnover driven to bottom line profits.

Another reason for the integration to go live already was the development of Leon API that allowed a smooth connection of those two systems in a very short timeframe. With the recent introduction of the webhook technology for Leon API, future implementation plans for the integration include instant alerts for valuable scenarios, tailored to the users’ unique commercial strategy. 

Data-driven solutions for the modern aviation business

The way the business aviation market evolves puts an emphasis on toolsets that tackle current-day challenges and business opportunities most transparently, through data feeds producing actionable data. It is both commercial and operational data that stimulate the decision making process of sales teams, allowing them to maximise the profit of their charter operations by exploring the best possible outcome. It is not a coincidence that out of all European operators surveyed by Quorem, the most proactive sales teams were also Leon users. 

“We have found the partnership with Quorem a great way to address the needs of our client base, which also highlights the importance of business intelligence in their everyday agenda” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “With the BizAv market consolidating rapidly, the time for tailor-made solutions is now.”

Curious about how Quorem could help your sales teams close better bookings?  Book a demo here.

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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