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20 Mar 2023

RDC & LEON Software partnership grows

In 2019, LEON Software integrated RDC’s AirportCharges API into their flight scheduling software. Since then, LEON customers have benefited not only in terms of time saved but also from the ability to produce flight quotes more accurately.

RDC & LEON Software partnership grows

Interpretation of airport charges can be time consuming, especially if it is an airport you haven’t operated to/from before. With RDC having a team dedicated to constantly researching and updating over 3,000 airports’ charges globally, LEON customers directly benefit from this expertise.

“Being correct is always more important than being first, but why not combine both? All Leon’s integrations provide the most correct solutions in a matter of seconds. RDC with Airportcharges in Leon’s Sales module is one of them, providing a quick and correct response with fees charged by airports. Thus helping achieve price accuracy and accelerating sales team response time.” says Anna Kozłowska Janczy VP Sales at Leon.

In addition to the integration into LEON’s flight scheduling software, RDC and LEON software are now offering dedicated access to the AirportCharges application giving the following benefits:

  • Access to official documents - airport, navigation, Government
  • Ability to quickly analyse en-route/overflight fees
  • Check historical flight cost going back at least 5 years
  • Keep up to date with airport charges news
  • Notifications of changes to your favourite airports
  • Ability to see if an airport offers you any discounts/incentives
  • Route invoice checking

“RDC and Leon have been strategic partners since 2019 combining the world’s leading airport charges data together with the market leading flight support software. At RDC we value long term partners, and the latest extension of our partnership gives access to RDC AirportCharges both via the application and the Leon platform. This delivers a range of tangible benefits in a single packaged solution.” Steve Brown, Partnership Director, RDC

To celebrate our partnership we are now introducing a special landing page where  you can read more about our integration and the benefits that will come from using both of the applications. 

Not yet a member of Leon community? Contact our Sales team to find out more or jump straight into the 30-day free trial.


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