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30 Jul 2019

Toyo Aviation’s formula for excellence in operations

At Leon, we strive to connect aviation professionals from all around the world. Meet Toyo Aviation, one of our latest customers from Romania. 

Leon & Toyo Aviation

With a fleet of five exquisite jets and a dedicated team full of aviation passionates, Toyo Aviation extends their business line way beyond the basic charter service. From cargo deliveries and aircraft management to CAMO services, people at Toyo go the extra mile to make their customers happy due to lightspeed reaction times, huge number of travel destinations and services tailored to preferences of their client base.

Q&A session with Ionut Biru, Toyo Aviation

We have sat down with Ionut Biru, OCC Manager at Toyo Aviation, to talk about the recent introduction of Leon into their operational procedures. 

What were your first impressions of our software?

I could tell from the very first days of free trial, this was the thing I’ve been hoping for our operations. It simply adds so much value to how everything works in the backstage of an aircraft operator and increases quite a lot the cooperation of the involved departments (OCC, maintenance, crew, sales etc).


 Ionut Biru


OCC Manager 
Toyo Aviation


"A powerful aviation software solution having plenty of useful integrations and a fast and fun support team. We are still learning and discovering Leon but I can totally and sincerely recommend it.” 

Why Leon specifically then?

The main deciding factor for us was the OPS part specifically. Having the tools to send handling requests directly from the system changes everything. The interface is clean, easy to understand and you gain valuable time (especially when urgent flights are confirmed having STD in 2/3 hours).

From where we see it, the program organizes very much the way the information flows inside our operations control, lets us visualize who did what changes in a very smart and intuitive history tab and combines it with the checklist part that gives our dispatchers a fresh perspective on how they change shifts. Everything being in one place and dynamically updated (with a great and on point history track) makes the continuous operation smooth and seamless, no matter how many changes and updates would one do. This might look minor at first glance, but for an experienced aviation OPS person this is an impressive tool to have that lets you concentrate on important actions and not on the routine.

Having to often operate in a very short timeframe, are there any other features that ease your busy day-to-day schedule?

Leon’s integrations had eased and complemented our work. For example, we love the one with Eurocontrol as it lets us see in one view (the timeline part that can be screened/walled in the office for a centralized perspective) the status of the aircraft, CTOTs, delays thus helping us take even faster operational decisions when needed and it automatically sends us MVT messages (take off, landing, en-route and many other that you can set to your needs). There are also integrations with the software for flight planning, camo/maintenance, sales, crew rostering and when you combine all of it, everything fits and feels very natural and breezy.

If you could describe Leon in just one sentence, what would it be?

A powerful aviation software solution having plenty of useful integrations and a fast and fun support team. We are still learning and discovering Leon but I can totally and sincerely recommend it.

Thank you very much for your time!

Toyo Aviation is now enjoying Leon as a part of their daily operations. How about you? Don’t shy away from contacting our Sales team directly for additional details about Leon’s impact on your business. 

For more information about Toyo Aviation, please visit company’s website at

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