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03 Aug 2020

Transparency in the Aviation industry

A Q&A with MARS (My Aircraft Reporting System)

In almost every enterprise, the principle of financial transparency between entities is a key basis for a reliable business. Obtaining transparency requires good organization and scrupulousness which, due to the multitude of financial activities, is more and more difficult to achieve using traditional methods.


At Leon, we realize how important it is for aircraft owners to accurately estimate all expenses and monitor operating costs in detail, therefore we tried to find the perfect integration between our flight scheduling software and reporting tool based on the principle of transparency.

We have the pleasure to present to you MARS, a private aviation software that meets all our requirements. MARS (My Aircraft Reporting System) supports aircraft owners by providing them with modern tools for monitoring, cost management and reporting. Aircraft owners using MARS get a microsite for their particular aircraft, and also the ability to load and store all documents and invoices. Moreover, MARS is the only aviation software on the market, which supply aircraft owners one hub where they can access their financial records and flight activity.

We had the opportunity to talk to Lawrence Binns - MARS Director of Business Development, who introduced us to the subject of integration in more detail, and told us more about the activities on which MARS bases its system.


MARS is an American software that has built its success providing complete transparency to aircraft owners. Could you tell us a little more about these activities?

MARS was developed for the sole purpose of giving aircraft owners full transparency, letting them know that their aircraft management company is taking care of their assets, and charging them accurate pricing on all of their expenses. Not only this, but it gives the owners their own micro site for their particular aircraft, allowing them to access their MARS system,on any device, no matter where they are!  


Let's move now to the topic of MARS intergration with Leon.  How does it work and what benefits it will bring to people using both software?

Integration between MARS and Leon Software is very straightforward.
We link information via an API from any flight activity software like Leon and any financial software for example: Quick Books).

The benefits that exist from any client using MARS and Leon are numerous.
Not only are they able to get excellent data from Leon, but MARS brings together the pertinent data from Leon, and automatically creates reports that can be viewed, to give the owners an update on anything they could need to see regarding their aircraft. From where their aircraft has been, hours flown in a particular month, whether the usage was Owner or Charter, and full financial data as well. 

They are also able to check the MARS calendar and find the availability of their aircraft at the touch of their fingertips, and as a brand new feature, clients can now reserve their aircraft right on the calendar, sending an email directly to their management company, letting them know when and where their aircraft will be travelling!


MARS is a great aircraft owner reporting tool, but I would like to ask if you have other products that can make work in aviation easier

Yes, we have created other products that work in tandem with MARS.
Our DPG (Dynamic Print Generator) technology is built in to MARS, which gives MARS a very competitive edge in the marketplace. Not only that, but our DPG technology is the only one in the world.

Using the DPG, we can also handle full marketing initiatives, we can build corporate websites, logos, branding, for any aviation company that you deal with. Create brochures, marketing campaigns, you name it, MARS can help!

We then took our DPG technology and created the MARS Aircraft Fact sheet, which allows any of your LEON clients to have a micro site of each of their aircraft, to use for any type of marketing. Whether it be for charter sales, empty legs, or the sale of an aircraft.

They can share the URL link via email, or any social media... Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and most importantly on their corporate website, allowing them to offer a living, breathing, interactive micro site which features carousels, videos, 360 degree walkthroughs of the aircraft.



For more information on MARS, please visit the company’s website

MARS is one of 210+ aviation companies using Leon for their operational excellence. Will you join them? Let us know by contacting our Sales team or by applying for a 30-day free trial.

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