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24 Apr 2019

We are now integrated with ASA-AMOffice©

Leon’s list of integrations is constantly growing, including now the CAMO and aircraft maintenance software ASA-AMOffice©.

Starting from now, ASA-AMOffice© users can take advantage of Leon’s powerful features, while still using their maintenance software of choice. Serving all types of aircraft – from ultralights to large commercial aircraft to helicopters - ASA-AMOffice© currently satisfies the needs of more than 300 customers throughout Europe.

Integration with ASA-AMOffice©

Integration allows an export of post flight data, such as current operating times, from Leon into ASA-AMOffice© for a more efficient control and tracking of Total Aircraft Hours and Cycles. From there users can assign the imported data to the aircraft and adjust the operating times according to the imported online logbook.

Plans for the future

We are also happy to inform that we have plans to fully automate the integration process between Leon and ASA-AMOffice© in the nearest future. It will be available in one of the upcoming Leon releases – please stay tuned for more updates on that matter.

For more information about the integration process, please contact our support team. If you still have not tried Leon, you might enjoy our 30-day free trial period. Contact us to learn more.


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