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07 May 2019

More efficient crew management with the Leon Mobile app

Why we believe Leon Mobile is a must-have tool for your crew.

At Leon, we are perfectly aware of nuances related to the crew management in every Business Aviation company. Managing duty roster and FTLs, monitoring licenses and other mandatory documentation, communicating with your staff… In many cases this is not a walk in the park and while you probably already know that Leon addresses a lot of potential issues with crew management, we are still aiming at making the process even more efficient. 

Leon Mobile Application

Leon Mobile application serves as an extension to the web version of Leon, allowing a fast and reliable access to the relevant flight and roster information by the crew. That includes schedule, flight details, endorsement list and many other features, like updating the journey log after each landing – it can be easily done via our mobile app.  Hence, the crew is perpetually in the loop, knowing everything essential, from their FTLs, required checklist actions, up to passenger’s preferences regarding his favourite dish.


Anywhere, anytime

Your crew is constantly on the move and this makes it even more difficult for them to keep track of all of their endorsements. Taking into account that for each member it may be required to possess more than 20 different documents, you might find it convenient that Leon Mobile also allows tracking the current list of endorsements for each crew member, alongside with expiry dates and attachments.

Every flight attendant will also enjoy a detailed access to passenger’s data, including his travel documents or his characteristics and preferences. Which type of white wine he enjoys? What are his requirements regarding the catering style? All of this can be found in our mobile application, making the best premium-service impression much easier to achieve.


 Stephan Stritter Sylt Air


Sylt Air GmbH


"We are using the LEON mobile APP to communicate with our crews and manage the required information. (...) Altogether, this improves our workflow, minimises mistakes and keeps everybody up to date at all times.” 

However, probably the best thing about Leon Mobile is its accessibility. We have designed it to work offline and synchronize whenever possible to check if the flight and crew information is up-to-date. This is particularly useful while browsing duties and keeping an eye on possible changes in the schedule. 

“We are using the LEON mobile APP to communicate with our crews and manage the required information,” commented Stephan Stritter, CEO of Sylt Air GmbH. “They have quick access to all the information they need concerning their flights, so they do not need to call OPS or print out all the required information. After the flight they can conveniently enter all the journey log data and close the flight in real time. Altogether, this improves our workflow, minimises mistakes and keeps everybody up to date at all times.”

Communicate every change with a few clicks

We do not have to add how crucial it is to properly oversee every possible change to the flight schedule or roster and communicate it with your crew.  Leon Mobile goes a long way towards that, helping to provide crew members with a complete list of information required to fly. As the communication works both ways, the crew can easily verify their current duties in the calendar of the mobile app, as well as request a new duty via the “Requests” feature. As a result, crew members gain a self-sufficient solution, which removes the need of logging into a browser version of Leon almost completely for them.

Mobile application might be also useful for gaining a better control of flight time limitations. Members of the crew have a quick access to their FTL calculations, including cumulative duties and incoming EOBTs, with a visual indicator showing if they are ready for the next flight. Everything is set up and automated according to your Operations Manual Chapter 7.

Leon Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android for all Leon users without any additional charges. Thinking about taking advantage of Leon’s powerful features? Let us know by applying for a free 30 day trial.


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