This is great news for anybody who incorporates both systems within their business model. The AirportCharges platform, consisting of data from over 3,000 airports, helps sales departments save hundreds of hours normally taken up by researching. Whether there are landing fees to be calculated, passenger charges to be included, or government taxes to be paid, AirportCharges provides a reliable source of information, necessary to get an edge in the ever-changing aviation business.

This is also why we have decided to introduce the data feed from AirportCharges during the process of managing quotes in Leon. As of now, companies using both solutions have the opportunity to view actual charges for particular airports on routes selected in the current quotation.

Upcoming enhancements

In order to further enhance your experience with Leon, we are also happy to announce future developments related to the AirportCharges integration. Those are bound to offer an even better automation and more advanced options while calculating fees and taxes for almost any airport in the world.

Additional information on AirportCharges can be found at If you are already using the RDC’s platform, you can learn in a few steps how to activate the integration at our online help centre

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