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16 May 2019

6 reasons why customization in Leon really stands out

Over the course of many years of providing our scheduling software to a huge number of aircraft operators, we have learned quite a lot about their needs and requirements. One of the most important observations that have struck us, is that no matter how large an aircraft fleet you are supervising, you still want to adjust management tools to your operating model.

Leon Customization

Our clients have different business models, operate under various regulations and their client base may impose a wide range of additional requirements to cope with. This is why the development of Leon focuses so heavily on customization, which can be also regarded as one of the most challenging aspects of our work.

There are two main ways of tailoring the application to fit customers’ needs. First, one concerns creating a dedicated code strictly on the client’s enquiry, which only potentially may result in the best value for him. In fact, despite a large number of funds required to get such things going, the effect may vary due to the excessive number of dependencies occurring in the development. This may affect negatively the overall system’s stability and the pace at which new features are being implemented. The software development process is a complex business, only less than half of which is related to coding. We put the rest of our time and resources into other essential processes such as the design of new features, analysing their impact on the application as a whole, benchmarking, implementation and maintenance.

A big win for everybody

The other model envisions creating a streamlined version of the application with features allowing all users to customize their work in the most efficient way. This approach is actually much more challenging for developers as it requires more time as well as know-how on both technical and business side, to identify areas where customizations would be needed. In exchange, even smaller operators can afford a highly-customizable, powerful system. While in Leon’s development we apply both methods, recently we have been leaning more on the side of introducing features, which can be customized by users themselves. To this extent, it results in much better user experience for companies of all sizes

I wanted to share with you six of the most sought-after features in Leon, which were introduced as a result of this approach.


We are particularly proud of this feature. Each year Leon verifies the accurateness of about half a million flights. The FTL calculation engine can be adjusted to match any existing regulation in the global aviation, with the configuration process including every possible detail to make the customized system in line with client’s Operations Manual and other restrictions. Our clients are compliant with supervisory authorities in tens of countries around the world and Leon gives them the certainty that when an audit arrives, they can feel safe about their FTL compliance.


Most modern-day systems differentiate levels of access on the basis of various roles. What Leon does better is the freedom given to system’s administrators, who can define roles and types of access with ease, reflecting the organizational structure each user normally operates in.  Users may have permission to access only a small part of the company’s fleet or to operate on particular aircraft currently in possession of a different owner. This is why Leon is a scheduling software of choice for a large number of Flight Support companies.

Documents Manager

Document templates are probably the most in-demand customization among our clients. In Leon, we give them a tool to change almost any element and information provided on both operational and sales documents. Possible modifications are really impressive, including formatting, content and even additional widgets such as Google Maps graphics showing the itinerary. All documents can be created in different language versions to match the company’s client base.

Report Wizard

Fans of Data Science will definitely enjoy this. As one of the latest mighty additions to Leon, Report Wizard gives our clients an amazing scope for analysis of almost any data available. You can easily correlate over 180 flight’s characteristics with 40 different filters and then aggregate them using specific factors. Combining that with a simple, user-friendly interface and a possibility to plug in other advanced Data Analytics platforms (Google Data Studio or Qlik among others), the sky is the limit in terms of report creation. Literally.

E-mail templates

With the recent release of our new Sales module, we have also introduced a feature to customize emails sent to your customers during the quotation process. Similarly to what Documents Manager offers, the scale of modifications is extensive, allowing also to automatically enclose email attachments, specific to the particular activity.

Flight notifications, MVT Messages

We know how important is to keep your client base and your own team constantly in the loop. Whether it is related to flight preparations or the current flight’s status, Leon can communicate any change to the process according to your scheme of operations. Customizations regarding the communication can be defined in even the smallest detail as users of Leon can specify recipients, action triggers and the formatting of the notification message. Alongside with our mobile application, this is a great way to improve the information flow in any aviation organization.

Customization means freedom

The aforementioned features are available in Leon for companies of all sizes without any additional costs as we believe that making a great software involves giving its users a freedom of choice and greater control over their area of expertise. It is also in line with our philosophy to provide our clients with solutions, which are easily implementable and tailored to their needs. Free online training for our clients and lack of any installation costs only complement this approach to the development of modern cloud-based applications.

Please let us know about your expectations regarding the scheduling software for aviation. Our team will gladly help with any enquiry.


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CTO at Leon Software



Since 2007 he is supervising the development and introducing new technology standards to help Leon Software maintain its position as a leading scheduling software provider for Business Aviation. 


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