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23 May 2019

How cooperation with Flightworx made Leon a great Flight Support solution

Sometimes it takes a great business partnership to fully realize one’s potential.

Rarely a cooperation between two companies affects the software development process to a positive extent as we have seen in case of Leon and Flightworx Aviation. From its humble start at the beginning of 2012, both companies have been growing together and this dynamic growth can largely be attributed to the level of comprehension and dedication in communication between both sides.

Leon and Flightworx partnership

Both Leon and Flightworx can be regarded today as leaders in their area of expertise, but at that particular point of time in early 2010s our reach was significantly smaller. Due to its origins, Leon already possessed a number of features designed for flight dispatch and support services, yet many more were still in the air as we were gathering data and experience necessary to implement them for a wider audience. This is also where the collaboration with Flightworx became increasingly impactful.


Challenges to overcome

Being one of Leon’s first big flight support providers, Flightworx reached to us not only with expectations, but also a plenty of ideas to supplement the development process. We knew that Leon had to match our partner’s process of sales and in order to do that, we had to address several aspects of flight support company’s way of working, including business model, communication scheme, pricing policy, among others.

It started with differentiating levels of access for each flight support team and providing the team with a central repository for all the data required for a flight to be successful. We soon realized that this is just a tip of the iceberg as flight support companies tend to work with tens or even hundreds of AOC holders. And with each of them requiring a different approach, there was a growing demand for a complex pricing tool, allowing to set up a complete list of services with prices and assign them to a particular client or aircraft.


 James Wiskin Flightworx Aviation


Flightworx Aviation


"Our innovative thinking has helped Leon become one of the leading aviation software providers for flight management and scheduling.” 

This is also where our partnership with Flightworx truly blossomed as we were provided with an overwhelming amount of know-how and hands-on experience on behalf of an Essex-based company. With their help, Leon introduced a new solution for flight support services, allowing an efficient management of an external fleet and a better collaboration between flight support and its ad-hoc or consistent client base. Currently Leon users can even define permits required for an overflight or landing that would be consequently included in billing sheet documents for flight support’s clients.

“At Leon we pride ourselves on being really good listeners and that translates well into our solutions we provide the aviation business with,” said Paweł Kruk, CEO of Leon Software. “We listen to the feedback, explore the possibilities and then implement features the aviation business would love to see in their daily work routine. Our cooperation with Flightworx is a great example of that, but more importantly, is a proof that in long-lasting partnerships we can truly elevate each other’s business.” 

“Here at Flightworx we have been providing flight support solutions for 11 years. We offer our clients proactive solutions to complex issues or situations that may affect an operation, and will react quickly in order to solve a problem,” said James Wiskin, Director of Flightworx Aviation Ltd. “Our innovative thinking has helped Leon become one of the leading aviation software providers for flight management and scheduling, which has also helped to free up our team’s time to become more efficient at providing a top-class service to our clients.” 

Operating model that fits

Thanks to our cooperation with Flightworx we have also developed advanced billing sheets to help flight support companies with setting up and delivering proper settlements to their clients. The billing process is highly automated now and the relevant data included in the pricing configuration is also reflected on billing sheet documents. Hence, it results in an increased transparency and more efficient information flow in a customer-oriented communication. 

Collaboration scheme - Leon - Flightworx

After 7 years of partnership we have learned a lot and this shows in the current version of Leon. As of now, there is a number of models a flight support company can operate with, starting with services delivered on ad-hoc basis, through more advanced levels of services, in which company’s clients receive guest logins with basic access to Leon. This strengthens an efficient coordination of services, as clients can not only add or cancel their planned flights via Leon, but also be up-to-date in terms of flight preparations through featured checklists. The ultimate collaboration model takes into account services for clients using Leon for their own operations. In this scenario, mutual clients can benefit from a wider range of features, including integrations available in Leon such as PPS, Avinode, CAMP and many others.

You can learn more about Flightworx Aviation's solutions and services by visiting their website - 

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