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28 Feb 2022

Leon 107 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • CREW TIMELINE - it will be possible to filter out the "non-active" users. The option will be added to the "3-dot" filter and will work identically as on the Crew Calendar panel
  • CREW ENDORSEMENTS- possibility to define the "Group Name" in the endorsement configuration panel and filter the endorsement by the group in the "Personal Endorsements" tab
  • CREW CALENDAR- change of the duty display on the "Crew Calendar". From now, if there is more than one duty assigned for a crew member on a specific day, the duty tile will include information about number of additional duties i.e "+1", "+2" etc
  • PERSONAL ENDORSEMENTS- ability to define the "Initial date" of the Endorsement for which the validity has been extended. Field is available under the "Personal Endorsements" tab on the user's view
  • CREW ENDORSEMENTS- a new integration with the Universal Aviation Training (UAT) software will be availble. Integration will work in same way as with CENTRIK , by importing endorsements to Leon
  • CREW CALENDAR - a new filtering option "Aircraft Homebase" will be added to main filter feature on the "Crew Calendar"
  • FTL CALCULATIONS - Leon will show the acclimatization zone of the crew member in the "FTL Calculations" tab
  • PRIVILEGES - permission to "Crew Calendar" and "Crew Timeline" panels will be divided into two separate privilege sections
  • AOC - possibility to define under which AOC specific pilot can or cannot fly. It will not be possible to assign crew member to a flight operated under AOC that has been excluded for this user. In the future Leon will take the AOC selection into consideration when displaying the required endorsments for the pilots in the "Endorsements for airports" section
  • CREW CALENDAR - Leon will show full aircraft type name in the "Aircraft types" filtering criterium in the main filter
  • CREW CALENDAR - the status of the duty/ flight will be availble in the "Crew Calendar" panel on the bottom of tile, using stripes similar to "Draft" changes in the "Crew Calendar". Different colours will be used for confrmed and not confirmed duties


  • MY SCHEDULE - Leon will show the total block time of the logged user in "My Schedule" tab. Those details will appear next to month/year information


  • JOURNEY LOG - several new "Service" fields will be added to the Journey Log panel
  • OPS TIMELINE - Leon will show the "STD" and "STA" local times in the tooltip on the "OPS Timeline" panel
  • OPS TABLE- basic aircraft information stored in the aircraft's profile in the "Fleet" section will be included in the tooltip window on the "OPS Table"


  • RECHARGE INVOICE - it will be possible to define different VAT rate for recharge invoices. New checkbox will be added to "General Settings"-> "Sales Module" tab
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES- new columns "Aircraft offered", "Aircraft sold" and "Checklist" will be added to the "Request/quotes" main view as well as the new filtering option "Sold only", which will be added to "Show" filter
  • SHOW IN SALES - Leon will remeber the selected leg in the trip/quotation once moving between "OPS" and "Sales" panels
  • SENDING DOCUMENTS - aircraft type information will be included in the quote selection in the "Sending document" window available in the quotation in the "Sales" panel
  • INVOICE- possibility to close the invoice by selecting the "Closed" checkbox in the invoice window. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - ability to define which quotation statutes should apply by default on the RFQ. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - new status "Cancel" will be added to the list of quotation statuses
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - new aircraft type "Helicopters" will be added to the "Minimum. category" available in the new quote creation window
  • MYSKY- integration with the "MySky" is available in Leon. Possibility to sing up for tests


  • 2FA AUTHENTICATION- possibility to define which IP addresses will require the use of 2FA authenticator
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES- ability to define the format (Text or HTML) of the email. The email sending window will be different for text and HTML. There will be the "Rich" editor available for the HTML version and normal text window for the Text version
  • MVT MESSAGES - it will be possible to define under the Client's profile if particular Customer should receive automatic MVT messages or not
  • WEBHOOK - documentation of the Webhooks for external Developers available under the following link

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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