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14 Mar 2022

Leon 108 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • CREW TIMELINE- two additional filtering options will be added to the 'Filter': 'Crew homebase' and 'Crew homebase airport'. 'Crew homebase' filters by 'User base' in the User profile and the 'Crew homebase airport' filters by the 'Home Base' in the User profile
  • CREW CALENDAR- 'Edit duty' function will be enhanced. Originally inserted timeframe, Pilot Notes and the Planner Notes will be kept in the 'Edit duty' pop-up window
  • CREW CALENDAR - the 'Hide people not assigned to duty on that aircraft" will be added. More information here
  • CREW CALENDAR - 'Aircraft Types' filter will be presented in a new format: 'ICAO - Type Name'
  • POSITIONING - two new types of positionings will be added: 'Car' and 'Train'


  • OPS - it will be possible to copy trips. More information here
  • 'Prohibit flights without AOC' setting will be added in the 'Flight Editing' settings. With the function enabled, there will be no possibility to select 'None' AOC on each flight in the OPS section > tab 'FLIGHT'
  • Attachments added in the 'Email Templates' will be included while sending messages from the OPS module
  • FTL CALCULATIONS - 'Flight Duty Period' value will be highlighted yellow when the FDP value is close to the limit. This warning will also affect the colour of the 'FTL CALCULATIONS' status dot. If you wish to set up an FDP warning threshold value please contact


  • It will be possible to connect Subcharters to movement emails in the MVT Messages section. Movement email will be sent upon filling in the Flight Watch (possible in the 'OPS' > 'TIMELINE' section or the 'BOOKINGS' section). It will not be possible to send the movement emails for the 'next Client' scenario
  • PRIVILEGES - 'Sales - Fees' setting will be added to the 'DETAILS' tab. It will allow setting the relevant access to the 'SALES' > 'Fees' section
  • New sorting order in 'Requested by' field. Alphabetical order will be added, also entries will be divided into two sections 'Accounts' and 'Other' in the selection dropdown
  • A new document template called 'Operator Document' will be available in the 'Documents Manager'. The idea of this template is to create the documents for the Subcharter Operator and use them on the Subcharter Flights in the subcharter 'MESSAGES' section
  • New Email Templates called 'Subcharter message' used for the message sending in Avinode chat will be introduced for subcharter flights
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - Ferry flights will be visible in the bright green colour in the Calendar tab


  • FTL VIOLATION REPORT - two additional filtering options will be added: 'Aircraft Registration' (FDP on specific aircraft registration) and 'AOC' (duties performed under specific AOC)
  • UAT INTEGRATION - attachments will be included in the import of endorsements details
  • REPORT WIZARD - automatic sending of the reports will be connected to the Mailboxes, 'From' address can be defined for reports sending
  • NEW PHONEBOOK - possibility to delete contacts will be enabled. The bin icon will be available in the 'Actions' column in the main 'New Phonebook' view
  • NEW PHONEBOOK - new field 'Remarks' will be added in the 'BASIC' tab of the Contact profile
  • HANDLING REQUESTS - possibility to connect Handling Requests emails to Mailbox will be enabled and sent messages will be stored

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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