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28 Mar 2022

Leon 109 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • CREW CALENDAR - it will be possible to add tags while adding the duty. Additionally, the 'Duty Tags' column and filtering option will be added to the 'Crew Roster' scope in the Report Wizard
  • 'CREW CURRENCY SUMMARY' REPORT - 'Person labels' filtering option will be added to the 'Crew Currency Summary' report. It will allow filtering by the tag/label assigned to the crew in the user profile


  • JL - 'Low level time' will be added to the optional fields in the 'Journey Log'. The time value will be inserted in the 'hh:mm' format. Additionally, the 'Low level time [JL]' column will be added to the 'Flights' scope in the 'Report Wizard'
  • EDIT TRIP - it will be possible to search for the aircraft when adding/editing the flight by typing the registration in the 'Aircraft' field. Simply click the mouse within the 'Aircraft' field and start typing the required registration
  • EUROCONTROL - 'Enable Eurocontrol tracking (private flights)' checkbox will be added to the 'Fleet' settings > 'OPS' tab. Ticking this checkbox will allow downloading the Flight Watch based either on the operator ICAO designator or the aircraft registration


  • 'REQUESTS/QUOTES CALENDAR' - 'FERRY' flights will be indicated in a lighter shade of green in the 'Calendar' view, in a similar way they are indicated in the 'OPS CALENDAR'
  • 'REQUESTS/QUOTES CALENDAR' - Leon will indicate the position airport of the aircraft at the moment of the beginning of the request. The airport code will be located at the top of the quote edit 'CALENDAR' for each day, and it will be based on the booked trips only
  • NEW QUOTE - selecting the 'TBA' option when creating the quote will now require inserting the departure time. This will only apply if the 'Require departure and arrival times to be set regardless of TBA setting' checkbox is selected in the 'Sales Module' settings tab in the 'General Setting'
  • FEES - 'Fire/Rescue CAT3' fee will be added to the 'Airport Fees'. This fee will be calculated based on th number of landings
  • TAB 'PAX' - a separate subsection for animals will be introduced. Additionally, animals will not be included in the PAX count and will be counted separately as pet count
  • AVINODE INTEGRATION - we will add the 'Avinode login' field in the 'Configuration' section. This field will allow inserting the default user which will be used for API connection between the Avinode and Leon
  • 'SUMMARY' TAB - a sorting method based on 'Price Ascending' will take into consideration the actual price of the quote, including the currency exchange rates


  • 'Line check' and 'Line training' flights will be labelled in the flight list section, underneath the Calendar. The 'Line check'/'Line training' label will be displayed next to the aircraft registration. It will only apply to the logged-in user assigned to the 'Line check' or 'Line training'


  • SCHED - it will be possible to insert multiple flight numbers in the 'Flight No.' field in the 'SELECT FLIGHTS' pop-up window. The flight numbers need to be separated by a single space
  • MVT MESSAGES - two new scenarios will be added to the aircraft rules settings: 'PAX boarding started' and 'PAX boarding completed'. They will allow configuring 'PAX Boarding' notification emails when the crew respectively start or complete boarding in the 'PAX' tab in the Crew Mobile App
  • PAX SEARCH - PAX search engine will be improved in the New Phonebook and the PAX sections in Leon. Search engine will work faster and the results will be sorted by relevance
  • GENERAL SETTING - it will be possible to define 'OPS email' and 'Sales email' for Bases. These emails can then be used as the 'Reply to emails' in the 'Email Templates'. More information here
  • FLIGHT NOTIFICATIONS - it will be possible to insert multiple airports, separated by the commas, in the 'Only for airports' box in the 'Flight Notifications' settings. Notifications will be sent only for activities matching the listed airports. To receive notifications for all airports, leave this field blank
  • FLIGHT NOTIFICATIONS - additional 'Trip type' option will be added to the notifications settings. It will allow selecting the specific trip type for which the notification should be sent
  • REPORT WIZARD - 'Requested by' filtering option will be added to scope 'Quote'
  • SUBCHARTERS - it will be possible to access booked subcharter flights directly from the OPS views. 'GO TO REQUEST (ADEP-ADES)' option will be available upon clicking the right-click of the mouse on a selected subcharter

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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