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25 Apr 2022

Leon 111 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to


  • REQUEST/QUOTES - new functionality for quote's margin. In General Settings it will be possible to define the minimum margin required applicable to the 'Cost & Margin' method of quoting. If a given quote falls below the specified margin, Leon will display warning information.
  • REQUEST/QUOTES - a new column 'Trip No' will be added showing a trip number for quotes booked (option available in 3-dot filter > Columns). It will be also possible to filter quotes by the trip number
  • REQUEST/QUOTES - possibility to send quotations without a price will be added (this does not apply to Avinode quotes) - Leon will require confirming that the quote without the price should be sent to the client
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - the feasibility check information (warnings, cautions, notices) will also show in the QUOTE sending window
  • FEES - four new aircraft fees will be added to the SALES > FEES section: 'Departure to Non-Schengen country', 'Arrival to Non-Schengen country, ' Departure to Schengen country' and 'Arrival to Schengen country'. More information here
  • FEES - aircraft fee 'Additional Fee %' will be changed into 'Additional Fee / Discount %' allowing to manually insert either the additional fee or discount (by inserting the negative value, i.e. -10%)


  • CREW PROFILE - 'Licence type' and 'English level' items will be added to the crew profile. More information here
  • CREW CALENDAR - a new option to manually acknowledge roster changes for a particular crew will be introduced - right-click with the mouse on a specific duty and select 'Change Acknowledge'
  • CREW CALENDAR - Leon will show new indications next to the crew name: L - if line training is in progress, S - if a rating SFA is assigned, I - if a rating from a group 'Instructors' is assigned. Indications S & I will show only if grouping 'By Aircraft' is selected in the 3-dot filter
  • CREW/ FTL CALCULATION - possibility to add a hotel even if the break between sectors is less than 3 hours


  • SCOPE TRIP - a new column & filter 'Invoiced' will be implemented showing 'YES' or 'NO', where 'YES' means that RFQ has at least one invoice and 'NO' means that RFQ has no invoice issued


  • MVT - MVT messages sent to aircraft owner, a handler or a client will be sent as 'BCC'
  • SETTINGS/USERS - a new option to activate/deactivate a user by clicking the dot in column 'Status'
  • SETTINGS/AIRCRAFT CREW POSITIONS - a new position type 'Instructors' will be added - it will be also possible to select this position in the endorsement edit window
  • SUBCHARTERS - in the 'REQUEST' sending window there will be an option to add extra Sales checklist items by using the 'ADD ITEM' button
  • NEW PHONEBOOK - it will be possible to open a 'New Phonebook' in a new tab by right-clicking with the mouse
  • NEW PHONEBOOK - a new column 'CATEGORY' will be added. It will show the type of an account: CLIENT (if a checkbox 'Client' is marked), CREW (if ratings are assigned), or PAX (if the account shows in at least one PAX list)
  • OWNER BOARD - UTC times will show when hovering the mouse over DEP, ARR & SLOT times
  • OWNER BOARD - if selected, an additional item 'Departure Permission' will show in the OPS checklist


  • ROSTER HISTORY - in the history of changes Leon will show an indication 'REQ' for duties requested by the crew from Leon mobile app

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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