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Leon 123 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • Schedule export to the Excel file will be introduced. Clicking on the 'EXCEL' button will generate the file.


  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - list of quotes will appear faster on the main view due to the new optimization
  • QUOTE - when sending documents to the Client all email addresses defined in the 'Requester' or 'Representative' profile will be added to the 'TO' field
  • QUOTE - Flight Time calculation based on the Performance model of an aircraft with the winds excluded will be added


  • CHECKLIST - in the Overflight Permits item, the possibility to send the request to multiple countries at once will be introduced. More information here
  • FLIGHT WATCH - new fields will be added: 'TAXI', 'REGUL+', 'TTO', and 'TOBT' and connected with the Eurocontrol
  • OPS TABLE - the left-hand filter will be transferred to the main 'FILTER' section (next to the 'AIRCRAFT' filter)
  • FLIGHT TAB - validation for the 'Flight Time' field will be added. If the 'Flight Time' value will be higher than the 'Block' value Leon will show a warning. There will be a possibility to ignore the warning if needed
  • OPS CALENDAR - when adding a 'Day note' there will be a possibility to define the date range for which the note should be visible


  • CREW CALENDAR - after clicking on the 'Activity details' on a Simulator or Flight, the 'Block' time value will be visible for each activity, and also the sum of the block times. For 'Positionings' Leon will show 'Duration' time
  • POSITIONINGS - a new 'Positioning' type 'Hotel transfer' will be added. There will be a possibility to exclude this type from the FTL calculations if needed
  • CREW TIMELINE & CREW CALENDAR - a new window for creating Positionings will be introduced


  • FLIGHT SCOPE - new columns that will include ground time data will be added with names: 'Ground Time Before [Plan'], 'Ground Time Before [JL]', 'Ground Time After [Plan]', 'Ground Time After [JL]'
  • QUOTE SCOPE - two new PAX-related filters will be added. 'Passenger list' will search for quotes that will include all added PAX, and 'PAX' filter will search for quotes that will include any of added PAX
  • PAX FLIGHT SCOPE - 'Travel Document Country Name ADEP' and 'Travel Document Country Name ADES' will be the two new columns that will include the full name of the countries


  • Information if a particular flight will include PAX or not will be visible on the main flight box
  • Owner Board will refresh automatically every 5 minutes
  • Times inserted in the Journey Log will be visible in the main flight box instead of the planned times as soon as the JL section will be filled with data


  • USER PROFILE - it will be possible to upload a signature file to the user profile and use it in the templates. More information here
  • In the Settings - Flight editing a new checkbox will be added called: 'Reset handlers after aircraft change'. With the checkbox marked 'Handling' items from the OPS Checklist will automatically reset in case of the tail change
  • FLIGHT NOTIFICATIONS - notifications can be sent in case of the PAX number change on a flight by marking 'Notify about PAX number'
  • CREW ENDORSEMENTS - it will be possible to configure crew endorsements imported from the external integrations
  • MX FLEET - Total Aircraft Hours and Total Aircraft Cycles limits will be possible to define for each aircraft
  • Tooltip for Maintenance in the OPS Calendar will include notes from a particular Maintenance

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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