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25 Oct 2022

Leon 124 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • CREW TIMELINE - crew rating will be displayed as the 'Operator Name' rather than the 'Regular Name' from the 'Aircraft Crew Positions'. This is the crew rating displayed by the crew code
  • CREW ENDORSEMENTS - 'PPL' option will be added to the 'Required Licence Type' dropdown in the 'Crew Endorsements' configuration, as well as to the User profile > 'RATINGS' tab > 'Licence type' dropdown. This will allow assigning PPL-type licences to the relevant pilots
  • CREW ENDORSEMENTS - it will be possible to select a list of the crew to whom a specific endorsement is not applicable.The 'Excluded crew list' option is available in the Admin Panel > 'Crew Endorsements' > endorsement editing pop-up window
  • CREW CALENDAR - 'SP' rating will be moved from the 'Cockpit FO' group to the 'Cockpit Other' group of ratings
  • USER PROFILE - it will be possible to add multiple duty managers to one User. The 'Duty Manager' option is available in the 'User' profile > tab 'OTHER'


  • OPS CHECKLIST - it will be possible to send emails or request the following services directly from the checklist: Airport opening (ADEP), Airport opening (ADES), Schengen (ADEP), Schengen (ADES), PPR (ADEP), and PPR (ADES). Additionally, relevant 'Email Templates' types will be added
  • GAR - additional PAX visiting address logic will be added to Guernsey and Jersey GARs. PAX home address will automatically appear if the country in the PAX profile is selected as Guernsey or Jersey respectively. Otherwise, the visiting address will be fed from the 'Visiting address' field in the GAR email pop-up window
  • FLIGHT WATCH - 'REGCAUSE' field will be added. This field is can be inserted manually or imported from Eurocontrol (most penalising regulation cause or REGUL+). The field data will be also available as a tag in the 'Email Templates' > ''MVT Messages'
  • FLIGHT WATCH - the following items will be renamed: 'TTOF' to 'TTO', 'MPR' to 'REGUL+', and 'TAXI' to 'TAXITIME'
  • OPS TABLE - 'Sales Assignee' column will be added


  • SALES CHECKLIST - the following actions will affect the relevant checklist items: 'CONTRACT' - sending it will mark the 'Contact signed' as 'Sent'; 'INVOICE' - sending it will mark 'Invoices' as 'Sent'; 'Paid' checkbox on 'INVOICE' - ticking it will set 'Payments' to 'Payment received'
  • SUBCHARTER - the trip number will be assigned automatically to the trips booked on subcharter aircraft. The trip number will appear in the 'Trip No' column in the 'Requests/Quotes' section


  • SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE - the layout of the 'Add Scheduled Maintenance' form will be changed


  • MVT TAB - separate setting called 'Crew App - MVT/FW' will be added in 'Privileges' settings with options to 'EDIT' or 'DENY' access


  • FILTER - two filtering options will be added: 'Trip type' and 'ICAO type'. Both options are available in the 'FILTER' at the top of the 'Owner Board' section


  • PRIVILEGES - it will be possible to select if a group of privileges has the possibility to print the documents in the OPS sections. 'Can print OPS documents' and 'Can print sales documents' options will be available in the 'SETTINGS' tab of privileges for a group of privileges
  • PAX IMPORT - we will introduce more detailed information about errors in the excel file when importing PAX to Leon

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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