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13 Feb 2023

Leon 132 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • FEES - it will be possible to select the default elements of the Aircraft Fees. More information here
  • QUOTE INVOICE - 'Invoice note' field will be added to the Invoice, Credit Note, and Recharge Invoice pop-up windows. Additionally, this field can be included in the Invoice-based sales documents


  • TABLE - MTOW of the aircraft will be included in the tooltip when hovering the mouse over the aircraft registration
  • FLIGHT WATCH - 'REGCAUSE' information will be added to the Flight Watch tooltip in the TABLE view (when hovering the mouse over the 'FW&JL' column). 'REGCAUSE' will only appear if it is filled in in the Flight Watch
  • JOURNEY LOG - the following items will be added to the 'Approach type' list in the Journey Log: '3D TYPE A', '3D TYPE B', and 'CIRCLING'
  • JOURNEY LOG - the following items will be added as optional to the Journey Log: 'Alcohol test', 'TOS Start' (TOS stands for Time On Station), 'TOS End', 'Cleaned', 'Re-stocked', 'PAX Terminal meet', 'Crew food', 'Crew food notes', 'Crew HOTAC', 'Crew HOTAC notes', 'Handling satisfactory', Handling satisfactory notes', and 'PAX happy with catering'. All these fields will be available as columns in the Report Wizard > scope 'Flight'


  • CREW QUALIFICATIONS - new section 'QUALIFICATIONS' will be introduced. This is the initial version of this section. More information about this section is available here
  • WORK SCHEDULE - it will be possible to select the type of document that will be sent with the Roster Notification Email. The 'Roster notification attachment' option, located in the Admin Panel > Duties setup section, will allow selecting between 'Work Schedule', 'Work Time', 'None', or 'Custom'. The Custom option will allow selecting the Roster Notification document created in the Document Manager
  • CREW CURRENCY - Crew Currency warnings will take into consideration the Flight Rules - IFR, VFR, and IFR/VFR - set in the tab 'FLIGHT'. Only the Crew Currencies that are relevant to the selected Flight Rules will be checked and generate the warnings
  • CREW CALENDAR - it will not be possible to apply changes to the published duties/flight assignments/positionings ('DRAFT OFF' mode) if these duties/flight assignments/positionings have additional changes made in the draft ('DRAFT ON' mode). Such changes will need to be performed in draft mode and subsequently published
  • SETTINGS - 'Weekend' and the 'Days off' settings will be moved from the 'Duties Setup' section to the 'General Settings' section in the Admin Panel


  • New scope 'Simulators' will be added to the Report Wizard. The scope will contain the Simulator related data
  • An additional option for date range selection will be introduced. It will allow selecting specific month and a year
  • Additional filtering options in scope 'Flight' will be introduced: 'Block time less than [Plan/FW/JL]' and 'Block time more than[Plan/FW/JL]'. The values should be inserted in the standard HH:mm format. This option will allow filtering the flights depending on the length of the Block Time


  • HISTORY OF CHANGES - It will be possible to access the history of changes of the contact in the Phonebook. More information here
  • VISA - 'Type' column will be added to the VISA section in the Contact details. This will be a dropdown selection field and the available options will depend on the area of travel. Currently, the VISA types will only be available for Schengen, USA, and Canada. This information will be included in PNRGo API
  • DEBITOR NUMBER - it will be possible to automatically generate the contact Debitor Number. For more information, contact Leon Support via the Customer Portal
  • EXPORT HISTORY - additional tab called 'Export History' will be introduced in the Contact edit window. It will contain the following information: Name of the User that exported the contact from the Phonebook, Date and time of the export in UTC. Access to this section depends on the status of the 'Phonebook-Export' privilege


  • SCHEDULE - aircraft in the filter will be listed alphabetically


  • SUPPLIERS - 'Creditor' field will be available in the Airport Directory > 'Suppliers', 'Fuel Suppliers', and 'Handling/FBO' tabs. Its purpose is to enter the Creditor Number. Information from this field can also be included in the documents


  • AIRCRAFT TAB - statuses of the listed aircraft will be introduced. Indication of whether the aircraft is marked as 'Not active' or 'Deleted' will be presented in brackets next to the aircraft registration


  • MX > FLEET section overview will gain a new look


  • As of 15-03-2023 and will not be available to Clients for development purposes. Please use instead

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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