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26 Feb 2024

Leon 159 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • OPS CHECKLIST - now the 'Block Fuel' field value from the 'Fuel' checklist item will also be sent to RocketRoute
  • JOURNEY LOG - In the Journey Log configuration section, it will be possible to specify whether the chosen JL field applies to the entire fleet or only selected aircraft. More information here
  • OPS - CALENDAR / TIMELINE - to avoid unintended mistakes when transferring flights from one aircraft to another using the drag and drop function, an additional pop-up window will appear - prompting confirmation of the changes


  • CREW TIMELINE - the possibility of adding hotel reservatiosn for selected locations for any given day will be added. Hotel reservation details will be displayed in the 'Activity Details' pop-up window
  • CREW CALENDAR - duty accounts balance will be displayed in 'DRAFTS ON' mode. The data shown are based on the published roster


  • FLOATING BASE - it will be possible to define time frames in which positioning/repositioning flights are being automatically added to the quotation. Positioning threshold is related to the preceding booked flight whereas repositioning is related to following booked flight. More information here


  • REQUESTS - the reference time in which duty is requested will be displayed. The reference time is based on the 'Submit duty requests in BT' setting in the Duty Setup section
  • CHECKLIST - the links attached to the Checklist items in the 'Checklist Configuration' section of the 'Admin' panel will become accessible in the Crew App


  • SCOPE 'QUOTE' - the following columns will be added: 'Client label' and 'Client country'
  • SCOPE 'QUOTE' - the possibility to filter quotes by selected 'Client label' will be added
  • SCOPES 'FLIGHT', 'TRIPS' - the possibility to filter by 'Aircraft base' will be added
  • SCOPE 'FLIGHT' - the following columns will be added: 'ADEP labels' and 'ADES labels'
  • SCOPE 'FLIGHT' - the possibility to filter flights by selecting either 'ADEP labels' or 'ADES labels' will be added


  • FLEET DOCUMENTS - a new redesigned look will be introduced
  • SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE - while adding a Maintenance the system will keep the settings of the last chosen time zone. The setting will be stored for each user


  • OPERATOR SPECIFIC / GENERAL - it will be possible to add either single or multiple tags to each location. In the main view of "Airport Directory' it will be possible to filter the list of the locations by selected tag(s)
  • Handling / FBO - a new dropdown list 'Payment method' will be added. It will be possible to choose either single or multiple methods of the following options: 'Crew credit card', 'Prepayment', 'Invoice', 'Fuel card', and 'Cash only'. Selected value(s) will be available in 'Documents Manager'. The new field will be available for the documents of type 'Trip Sheet' in the 'ADEP/ADESAirportDirectoryData' -> 'handlers' section

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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