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11 Mar 2024

Leon 160 released

We have just started rolling out a new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version. If you find a function not working as expected, please let us know via the Customer Portal


  • JOURNEY LOG- in the JL configuration section, a new field called 'Radio Communication', will be introduced. Crew members can now specify the readability of the transmission during the flight
  • FLIGHT SUPPORTS - changing ADEP or ADES will now clear selected Arrival/Departure services. Additionally, an indication of who ordered a specific service will be displayed below the items
  • TIMELINE - ferry subcharter flights will be displayed dimmed to enhance visibility
  • OVERFLIGHT/LANDING PERMIT REQUESTS - when applying for a permit, there will be an option to attach aircraft documents defined in the Fleet documents section to the e-mail. More information here
  • FOREFLIGHT - in the integration configuration window, it will be possible to enable the import of fuel from ForeFlight to the Fuel item on the checklist. Data will be populated according to the following scheme: taxiFuel = Taxi fuel, flightFuel = Burn fuel, fuelToDestination = Trip fuel, contingencyFuel = Contingency fuel, totalFuel = Block fuel, flightFuel + alternateFuel + reserveFuel + contingencyFuel = MRF
  • CHECKLIST CONFIGURATION - in the 'Requesting' configuration window, 'Lead PAX Assistant', and 'All PAX assistant' can be added to the default recipients
  • FLIGHT EDITING - a new field, 'flight validation period (days)', will be available in the Flight editing' section, allowing users to define how many days in advance Leon should check warnings on planned flights
  • OPS - a new checkbox, 'Copy client,' will be added in the "Move leg to another trip" window, giving users the option to decide whether to copy the client when a flight is moved to a new trip


  • The display of overlapping flights will be changed. When flights overlap, they will be shown in separate rows


  • CERTIFICATES CONFIGURATION- changes will be made in the certificate configuration replacing the current 'Trip type' field with a 'Commercial' field with options 'Yes,' 'No,' 'All'
  • CREW CALENDAR - sorting of crews by 'start of employment' will be added
  • OPS/ Crew tab/ FTL Details - users will be able to check the history of crew reporting time changes


  • REQUEST/QUOTES - during the quotation creation, users can now choose the currency before entering the price


  • In the main Phonebook view a column will be added where multiple contacts can be selected for deletion
  • ADDING CONTACTS - information about whether a contact is a Client will be moved from the 'Details' tab to the 'Basic' tab. The change will include removing the checkbox selected by deafult to a Yes/No option
  • DATA PRIVACY AND SECURITY - in the General Settings, Phonebook tab, automatic masking of passengers' passport data will be possible after a defined time since the last flight. This action will be reversible but will require appropriate settings in the privileges section.


  • SCOPE ‘PAX FLIGHTS' - a new column, ‘Pax label’, will be added
  • SCOPE ‘PAX FLIGHTS' - filtering by selected 'Pax label' will be possible
  • SCOPE ‘CREW CERTIFICATES' - filtering by ‘Allowed AOC’ will be introduced

Apart from the above-mentioned features, we have also made changes to Leon API which can be reviewed under this changelog link

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