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20 May 2024

Leon 165 released

We have recently initiated the deployment of a new version of Leon. Over the next coming days, customers will gradually transition to the updated version. If you encounter any functions that are not working as expected, please notify us via the Customer Portal


  • COUNTRY DATABASE - a field for block permit number will be added to overflight and landing permits . Block permit numbers will automatically be added to the permits list if configured for the country and aircraft used
  • CREW VISAS - upon a crew member's arrival in a country with a limited-entry visas, the visa's entry count will automatically increase by one after the Journey Log (JL) for that flight is completed. More information here
  • EUROCONTROL ADD-ON - it will be possible to include additional ICAO and IATA codes in the Eurocontrol integration settings
  • INTERACTIVE API - a new pop-up window showing the interactive API status will be available in the 'Interactive API' checklist item. The window will show the interactive API status for each crew and passenger (PAX)
  • JOURNEY LOG - a new field 'Ballast' will be available for Journey Logs


  • DUTY ACCOUNTS - it will be possible to use a specific change date while adjusting a balance in the Duty Account Balance pop-up window
  • CREW CALENDAR - peformance of that module will be improved


  • POSITIONING FLIGHTS - it will be possible to define default ground time after/before positioning/repositioning flights. More information here
  • FLEET - it will be possible to define aircraft's cost center
  • FEES - it will be possible to use currency values to one decimal place
  • QUOTES - it will be possible to book a trip with 'TBA' times. Such trips will be visible in OPS and sales documents


  • JOURNEY LOG - maximum file size limit will be increased to 20 MB


  • FLEET / FLEET DOCUMENTS - the old 'Fleet documents edit' and 'CAM' interfaces will be replaced by new ones. The new 'Fleet documents' section will only be accessible from MX > 'Fleet documents'. The new 'CAM' section will be accessible from MX > 'Fleet' by clicking on a pencil icon in the 'Actions' column


  • OPENING HOURS - we will begin switching operators to the new airport opening hours interface. More information here


  • TRAVEL DOCUMENTS - the logic behind setting up contact's default travel documents per departure and arrival country will be improved. More information here


  • INTEGRATION - take-off and landing fuel figures will be sent to L3Harris

In addition to the features mentioned above, changes have been made to Leon API, which can be reviewed in the provided changelog link

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