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30 May 2024

Leon 166 released

We have recently initiated the deployment of a new version of Leon. Over the next coming days, customers will gradually transition to the updated version. If you encounter any functions that are not working as expected, please notify us via the Customer Portal


  • Sched Aero Integration: You can now configure the integration so that trip numbers sent to Leon are generated on the Leon side instead of being sent from Sched Aero.
  • Night Flight Time Calculation: Enable automatic calculation of night flight time based on flight or block time.
  • Requests Sent from Checklist: Configure the system so that the "To" address field is not required as long as other recipients are selected.
  • Flight and Landing Permissions Requests: Easily attach crew data, including their licenses and travel documents. More information here
  • Fire Category Field Split: The Fire Category field in the aircraft profile is now split into two fields for PAX flights and ferry flights.


  • Avinode Integration: Configure the integration to update the price in Avinode when sending the contract to the buyer.
  • UI Visual Improvements: Visual enhancements in the subcharter request section.


  • Travel Document Validity Calculation: The validity of travel documents will now consider the visa validity for the destination country if the visa is added to the passport. More information here


  • Default Client Field: Select the default value for the "Client" field for newly created contacts in phonebook settings.
  • Move Payment and Customer Commission Fields: Payment and Customer Commission fields have been moved to the accounting tab.

Airport Directory

  • Risk Scoring: Risk Scoring in the airport directory can be defined per a single airport - this information can be used in the checklist.

Crew App

  • Global Weekly Rest Display: the option to globally disable the display of Weekly rest has been added to the General Settings > Crew App section.

API for Flight Support

  • File Upload API: API for uploading files by Flight Supports to selected services.
  • API for Retrieving Messages: API query to retrieve messages sent after a given date and time.

In addition to the features mentioned above, changes have been made to Leon API, which can be reviewed in the provided changelog link

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