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17 Jun 2024

Leon 167 released

We have recently initiated the deployment of a new version of Leon. Over the next coming days, customers will gradually transition to the updated version. If you encounter any functions that are not working as expected, please notify us via the Customer Portal.


Airport Directory

  • A link to maps can be uploaded to the handling agent's profile and used in documents such as the Trip Sheet.


  • Added new permission to control the display of Duty Accounts.
  • Booking hotel price can be entered.
  • Fixed an issue that caused revalidation of certificates for people assigned to instructor positions in simulators.

Crew App

  • It will be possible to select which logbook certificates are visible in the app.
  • The operator's settings will allow the possibility to disable the display of Weekly rest.


  • Added the ability to set who should receive email notifications about expiring documents for selected aircraft.


  • Added new fields to JL for firefighting aircraft:

Water scoopes Water landings

  • Added new RFF category to the aircraft profile for ferry flights, considered in the checklist.
  • Added the ability to filter trips by customer in the Timeline.
  • MVT messages: Automatic message sending will be added when an aircraft is diverted.

Owner board

  • The location of the aircraft will be shown in the day slots when the aircraft is not flying.


  • Added the ability to modify the ICAO flight type in Modify window without having to go to the ops module.

Report Wizard

  • The visibility of individual reports can be limited to selected permission groups. More information here

In addition to the features mentioned above, changes have been made to Leon API, which can be reviewed in the provided changelog.

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