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28 Jun 2024

Leon 168 released

We have recently initiated the deployment of a new version of Leon. Over the next coming days, customers will gradually transition to the updated version. If you encounter any functions that are not working as expected, please notify us via the Customer Portal.

Airport Directory

  • Added a field 'Name' with the airport name to the 'Details' tab


  • An email notification will be sent to admins with the key information about the integration, including its permissions, when the integration is enabled or disabled
  • Added automatic masking of user passport data when they are deactivated. The function works similarly to PAX data masking, but in the case of users, masking occurs upon user deactivation. When reactivated, the data is restored. More details here
  • When adding a mailbox, selecting the inbox and outbox folders from the list of available folders in that mailbox will be possible


  • Added the ability to completely disable checklist items that are not used. More details here
  • Added the ability for users to independently add statuses to checklist items. More details here
  • Added the ability to define section of the Checklist in which the items should be visible. More details here


  • Added an option to configure a certificate to be required for several types of licenses
  • Possibility to set up 'Special Rules' for Crew Currency. More information here
  • Added a large list of permissions to the Crew Travel view:
Renamed the tab from 'Tickets modifications' to 'Tickets to cancel' Merging repositioning by PNR number. One row now represents a group of repositionings with the same PNR number Added a column showing the entire trip route Added a column with the 'PNR' showing the PNR number Added a tab 'Tickets to rebook'

Crew App

  • Added the possibility for Journey Log entry to be confirmed by a PIN assigned to the logger entering the data. More  information here
  • Added a 'Luggage Tag' to passenger data on the flight. This information can be entered both from the OPS Table view and the Crew App
  • Access to the Duty Accounts view will be controlled by a separate new permission


  • Non-sales personnel will be able to create RFQs for existing trips from the ops module. More details here
  • Added 'TACAN' approach to the Journey Log
  • Added 'ASU time', 'GPU time', and 'Deicing Quantity' fields to Journey Log data


  • Added two fields to the operator data used on invoices - IBAN and SWIFT code. The data entered in these fields can be used on document templates
  • Added a new 'Leg customer note' to the 'Notes' tab in RFQ
  • Optimized the search on the RFQ list
  • Added a warning when the client in the 'Requested by' field will be duplicated

In addition to the features mentioned above, changes have been made to Leon API, which can be reviewed in the provided changelog.

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