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22 Jul 2015

Leon 3.24 released

A new 3.24 beta version of Leon has just been released. You can check it under web address and follow a list of changes below. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to . If beta tests are satisfactory, we are planning to release the stable version in about a week. We appreciate your help in testing the newest version.

  • You can now check beta version of our new mobile application for Android phones. It has a new design and includes office duties. IOS version coming soon
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  • Trip No. appears now on Flight Order and Trip Sheet documents
  • Crew receiving emails about the roster changes can now reply to such notifications. The reply will be sent to the person who saved the changes in the roster
  • You can delete flight codes which are not being used anymore in section Admin > Flight Codes
  • Report 'Delayes / On Time' can now be exported to Excel
  • We have improved Pax Manifest document - now even very long names appear properly
  • Airport city name now appears in 'Home Base Handling Requests' screen
  • It is possible to delete items in the section 'Leg Calculations'
  • In section Admin > Notifications we have added a new checkbox 'Notify about other crew changes' for not-active (PAD) & maintenance (FM, LC) crew changes
  • Crew with invalid endorsements are highlighted red in the tooltip
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  • It is possible to set up a default R.F. (Rest Facility) option in the fleet edition section (R.F. drop-down box can be found at the botom of the page)
  • In the section 'Admin > Operator Settings' an option 'Rest Facility' has been re-arranged - in the drop-down box you can choose now between: 'Not Used', 'None & Suitable' and 'None, Suitable & Adequate'
  • Page Flights > Schedule has been moved to Reports > Flights Statistics > Schedule
  • Adding CDR Definition duties positions (in tab 'Functions') can be defined either by an aircraft registration or an aircraft type (depending on the setting in Admin > Operator Settings)
  • Notes added to slots (right below slots times) appear on the Trip Sheet document
  • In section 'Crew > Duties' you can see a flight number when you hover the mouse over the aircraft icon
  • APU hours should be input as cummulative value in JL
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  • A new field 'Person code' has been added to 'Crew > Duties' filter - it is possible now to view a particular crew member's duties
  • It is possible to delete messages in inbox - module 'Messages'
  • It is possible to choose the elements that change HR status to "?"
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  • We kindly ask you to migrate old definitions of endorsement notifications 'Email Notifications' to the new "Rule Based Email Notification' as the old one will be switched off on the 3rd of August - follow the information in red in Crew > Endorsements > Email Notifications. If you need any assistance please write to
  • It is possible to add an extra page to documents 'Flight Brief' and 'Charter Contract' - go to Admin > Ops Settings, tab Quotation and upload a file so that it can be available to be attached in Planned Flights > Quotation docs
  • It is possible to specify Billing Address per aircraft instead of generic one
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  • It is possible to choose the elements that change HR status to "?"
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  • Column 'Remains' in section Crew > Endorsements shows the value in months if less than 3 years left to expire. If an endorsement expires in more than 3 years, the value is in years
  • In the report 'FTL Sheet' we have added 'FTL day off' column to indicate full days off (including 2 local nights)
  • This release also includes minor improvements and bug fixes

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