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20 Aug 2015

Leon 3.25 released

A new 3.25 beta version of Leon has just been released. You can check it under web address and follow a list of changes below. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to . If beta tests are satisfactory, we are planning to release the stable version in about a week. We appreciate your help in testing the newest version.

  • Section 'Sales > Schedule Export' shows now all integrated 3rd party vendors
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  • A new field 'Transit Pax' has been added to the Journey Log. You can add it in section 'Admin > Operator Settings' tab 'Flight Editing'
  • In 'Crew Duties' roster, when you hover the mouse over the duty, apart from 'Created by' there is now an additional information 'Updated by'
  • We have added updated section 'Sales > Quotations' with new options
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  • In sections 'Crew Duties' and 'Crew Activities' you can input a few crew codes in the filter (after a comma or a space) to view their duties
  • Rest times displayed in the report 'FTL Sheet' will corespond with the first duty of the trip, not the last one as it was before
  • Section 'Personal Endorsements > Online Training' shows now 'Last visit' information
  • We have re-named 'Training' tab available in 'Personal Endorsements to 'Practical Training' to avoid confusion which one is practical and which one is theoretical
  • In section 'Legs Info > Handling' all handling agents are sorted by FBO and Other. They also appear alphabetically
  • In 'Phonebook > Pax Database' we have added a new column 'User' - if it's set as 'No', Leon will show passengers only
  • In section 'Admin > Privileges' crew codes have been added to the list of particular group members
  • We have optimized the speed of data entry in sections 'Price Lists' & 'Planned Flights > Quotations'
  • You can define now minimum cabin crew on each aircraft in section 'Admin > Edit Fleet'
  • The menu in Leon has changed - section Maintenance appears now as MX. Other sections such as: Phonebook, Messages, Report a Bug and Manual can be found under the wrench icon
  • Handling agents who have received a 'Handling Requests' email from Leon can now confirm it which will trigger an email sent to operator. In 'Operator settings' > 'Handling Requests' you need to specify the email address
  • Significant performance improvements have been applied which should result in faster moving around Leon
  • In the report 'FTL Sheet' if crew is not acclimatised, the value in the column 'Time zone' will appear in brackets
  • 90 days currency calculation for single-pilots trips has been added to the section 'Crew > Duties'
  • Section 'Endorsements > Email Notifications' has been switched off. You can use page 'Rule-based Email Notifications' which offers you wider range of options in defining endorsements expiration notifications
  • Section 'Rule-Based Email Notifications' has been re-named to 'Email Notifications'
  • Options in section 'Crew Input Table' are displayed in Italic font
  • This release also includes minor improvements and bug fixes

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