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18 Jan 2017

Leon 3.41 released

A new 3.41 beta version of Leon has just been released. You can check it under web address and follow a list of changes below. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to . If beta tests are satisfactory, we are planning to release the stable version in about a week. We appreciate your help in testing the newest version.

  • We have moved a section Calendar (previously known as Planned Flights) from the SCHEDULE drop-down to SALES
  • IMPORTANT ! We have replaced Plan Mode in Crew Duties with Drafts Mode
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  • SCHEDULE - it is possible to choose Pilot in Command (PIC). We also added COM column in TABLE section where PIC is displayed
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  • SCHEDULE - we have re-arranged changing number of PAX when editing a flight
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  • SCHEDULE - in Calendar you can now manually change the height of the verses (rectangles)
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  • TIMELINE - we have re-arranged displaying a slot when CTOT is added to the Flight Watch
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  • SCHEDULE - we have added an extra option: possibility to focus on a selected flight
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  • MVT Messages - We have implemented conditional tags
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  • We have updated the way you change your password in your Profile in Leon
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  • SCHEDULE - tab TRIP - we have replaced a trip type 'Commercial' with the type 'Taxi' and also added a checkbox 'Commercial'
  • SCHEDULE - you can hover the mouse over MX or Reservation to see: title, date & notes. This option applies to CALENDAR and TIMELINE
  • SCHEDULE - dark aircraft colours defined in Settings > Fleet will result in white aircraft registration displayed in a column ACFT
  • SCHEDULE - we have re-arranged the 'Journey Log' panel - it is divided into 'Full JL mandatory fields' & 'Optional JL fields'
  • SCHEDULE - if you hover the mouse over Airport code in Calendar section, Leon will display basic Airport information in a tooltip
  • SCHEDULE - we have added an icon 'RESET STATUSES' in the checklist menu. When clicked, all statuses turn to 'Untouched'
  • SCHEDULE - permissions details will now display in OPS Checklist Tooltip
  • SCHEDULE - We have added Quotation column (Q) in the TABLE section. Green tick in this column means that the Quotation is added
  • SCHEDULE - We have added a Flight Watch tooltip to Flight Watch strip in the Timeline section
  • SCHEDULE - Additional option called COLOURS is available in the SHOW section of the filter
  • TIMELINE - we have added a possibility to turn the rotation displaying off - to do that untick a checkbox 'Rotation Prognosis' in the left-hand filter, tab Show
  • TIMELINE - We added further information to the tooltip in Basic Information section, such as Crew, Quotation Number and Created by
  • Phonebook - PAX added from PAX Database will automatically be added to Phonebook contact list
  • Handling Request emails - if aircraft registration is changed on the flight, updated HR will display old Aircraft Registration in brackets
  • Commercial Orders - it is now possible to select AOC when adding a new schedule
  • Notes added in 'Commercial Order' appear in SCHEDULE - right-hand filter, tab TRIP
  • We have added new field 'Hire Date' in User Profile
  • Report 'SAFE roster export' can now be filtered by a person's label (defined in Phonebook, assigned in user's profile)
  • Section 'Flight Status' has now a new column - 'Trip No.'
  • It is possible to export Top Destinations report to an Excel format
  • A report 'Route Statistics' can now be exported to an Excel file
  • Report 'Delays / On Time' can now be filtered by a flight code and a flight tag
  • We have added 'Personal Labels' section in the Filter in Crew Activities
  • Endorsements - we have added an extra option to filter endorsements by the order defined in a section Endorsements List
  • Right-hand filter can now be reseted by clicking on non-active part of the screen - if it's done, a message "Please select a flight or reservation" shows up
  • This release also includes bug fixes and optimisations


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