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30 Sep 2019

Leon 44 released

We have just started rolling out new version of Leon. Over the next few days, customers will be gradually switched to a new version of Leon. If you find a function not working as expected, please write an e-mail to .

  • HANDLING REQUESTS - it is possible to attach an additional document when sending HR email. More information here
  • REQUESTS/QUOTES - users with limited access to fleet (defined in Privileges) will now be able to use 'Requests/Quotes' panel
  • SALES - a section SALES > FLEET has been removed - all its options can now be found in aircraft edition panel - tab SALES
  • REPORT WIZARD - 1) a new view on a created reports has been introduced - click already saved report and Leon will show the report with an option of editing or printing it; 2) a new filter 'Handling' has been added to search for a particular handling agent at ADEP and/or ADES; 3) new columns: 'Custom code' [JL] and 'Transit PAX' [JL] hav been added
  • CREW - 1) it is possible now to select a different passport for departure and different for arrival - open a tab CREW and make a selection in 'Passports' panel by using '+' icon. Next step will be adding the same functionality for PAX and showing selected passports on documents; 2) we have added 2 new columns into 'Crew > Work Schedule' page: Check In & Check out - they can be turned off in the filter if not needed&
  • FUEL - we have added an option to order fuel from 'EuroJet' (section OPS, tab FUEL)
  • DOCUMENTS MANAGER - 1) an option to manually change document's name has been added - you can do that while creating a new template as well as to already existing documents. 2) new items in Available Date filter have been added to particular documents: 'PAX Info', 'PAX Manifest', 'Custom document' - 'handler > address'; 'Flight Order' - 'licences > number'; Trip Sheet - 'airport > airportCategory'
  • MVT MESSAGES - we have added a new tag into the filter: {{AC_TYPE}}
  • USERS - it is possible to check who permanently deleted users - in a section 'USERS' use a button 'Check permanently deleted users', insert deleted user's code and click 'Check'

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